Hello, I’m Kelly, Activator of the Divine Feminine and I’m here to help you birth your divine work and enjoy your success with ease & grace – the feminine way.

Hello, I’m Kelly, Activator of the Divine Feminine and I’m here and I’m here to help you birth your divine work and enjoy your success with ease & grace – the feminine way.

You know the power that brings spirit into matter and births life into this world?

Well, it’s your sacred temple and you can harness that power to create whatever you want. The journey to harnessing this power isn’t easy, it takes treading in both your light and dark side, embracing both and saying “I love you”. It takes clearing out centuries, even millennia of conditioning, oppression and the whole world telling you what you need to do to be a woman. 

When you make this temple space clear?

You know you are the queen of your world. 

People have to wipe their feet before they enter, or they simply get stopped 10 tracks before.

You have a voice that comes from within. It is so strong, so powerful that no-one dares doubt you, especially yourself.

You command what you wish, and so it is.

You embrace both sides of your wishes with grace.

I work with women who are ready to step out of fear and step into their feminine power. I provide one-to-one guidance, women’s circles and retreats for you to connect and unleash this power to live from your life purpose, birth your creative projects and enjoy that yummy feminine power. 

Because when women like us do this, magic happens.

For ourselves, for the group and for the collective.

I’m doing this every single woman on the planet.

how i can help you

Initiate the Divine Feminine Within

And Birth Your Divine Work









What my clients say

As Lenka said…

“It was powerful to connect with womb consciousness, and get into process of healing the feminine and masculine relationship. I cannot single out one biggest takeaway, each and every session was very powerful.

I started the circle when I was going into a program launch, and I can honestly say that it was the easiest, most in flow multiple-six figure launch to date, with record revenue and cash flows, and incredible quality of clients. I am 100% sure your work Kelly, hugely contributed to that, thank you.

This program is for every woman who wants to release her full creative power. she needs to be willing to do the work! Thank you so much for phenomenal program, Kelly. This work is truly life-changing.”

As Sarah said…

“I can thoroughly recommend Kelly and her Divine Feminine awakening work. The shifts I have felt in my life have been profound. I have experienced a defining life changing moment that opened up my business and my energy for much more to come towards me, and it has.

At the end of the 6 weeks I signed contracts work 6 figures in my business, I ended a relationship, amicably and mutually and feel ready to explore life with a huge smile on my face, and open heart and a whole lot of excitement.”

As AMY said…

I didn’t sign up to work with Kelly straight away – there was a small amount of fear there because working with my womb was going into the unknown. I’d had a miscarriage the year before and I was a little fearful that it would stir up too many emotions. Eventually, I let my intuition rather than my fear guide me and I signed up to Kelly’s six-week circle. Wow! Am I so glad I did.

From the very first session, I felt like I had come home. It felt like this was the missing piece of my healing journey.
My concerns about my miscarriage were unfounded. In fact, this work enabled me to fully honour my grief and to release the sadness I was still holding on to deeply.
I had done lots of work previously on balancing my inner masculine and feminine energies. Through Kelly’s work, I realised that while I had a great understanding of this concept, I simply wasn’t embodying it. Working with Kelly has allowed me to realise how to live my truth, not just intellectualise it.
After the six-week circle, I signed up to work with Kelly for another six months to deepen my womb healing and to become a practitioner in this field. It has been some of the most transformational and enlightening work I’ve ever done. At times it felt challenging and tough because I was releasing memories and experiences from years ago and lifetimes ago. However, I knew there would be massive growth and expansion on the other side… and there was. 
My business is flowing like never before. I attract in clients with ease and grace instead of with push and force. More than ever, I give myself permission to experience more joy, pleasure and play in my life without the guilt that was lurking in the background before. 
Kelly is an amazing space-holder and medicine woman. She has a quiet power that instantly makes you feel safe and nurtured.
I believe every woman should do this work. If you’re unsure or a little afraid to dive in, my advice is to take the leap and go for it. It’s truly magnificent. It’s life-changing.”

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