You want to love yourself. You know it’s important. You want to be strong, independent, successful.

However, there’s a nagging feeling that you don’t fully, there’s these little inner voices that say “who do you think you are” or “you’re not good enough for that” or “you’re not slim enough”. And you ignore them when you can but sometimes they get the better of you.

And that’s completely normal. This whole life is about learning to love ourselves, a bit deeper, a bit more, every single day.

And so it’s ok if you don’t fully yet – give yourself a break. You don’t need to be perfect at loving yourself as well as everything else!

So start where you can… start with the simple stuff…start with the easy wins…and KNOW that this is a journey – enjoy this journey to love yourself even more.

I recommend to start by taking more care of yourself, this way you’re saying to your unconscious mind that YOU COUNT, you MATTER and you’re important.
You see, the unconscious mind is constantly watching you and your actions and from this it develops your beliefs. So if it sees you constantly putting others first, then it will create a belief that you are less important – and so in your world, you will see other people who treat you as less important – and it’s a vicious circle.

So start by putting yourself first
This means, doing things for you first. This means cancelling other people’s priorities for YOU PRIORITIES, this means getting in the bath first and letting the others go in AFTER.
This means doing stuff in the day is mostly for your own good – as well as others. Otherwise, you are giving, giving, giving and if there’s a little bit left at the end of the day you might treat yourself. You need to be at the top of the list – sometimes. And I know it’s not easy when you have a job and family to take care of but if you don’t take care of YOU then you will end up with nothing left to give and you’re self-esteem will get lower.

So love yourself by putting yourself first – and you will find that over time, you have more energy, more self-confidence, of more a spring in your step. And everyone will benefit!

This is how you begin to love yourself.

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Love Kelly