Showing up you as authentically you in every situation can be hard.

Because we feel we have to wear these masks…

These masks of:

I’m fine…
I’m OK…
It is what it is…

And yet inside, you feel much less than okay and if someone should discover that right now you’re in a pickle… You apologise. You apologise for being emotional, not with it, not yourself.

And you have the dreaded feeling that not even you want to fully feel into all those difficult emotions because you’re scared that they’re going to swallow you up. You see, the bogeyman we’re really scared of in the dark… is the darkness of our own shadows.

Shadows don’t have a place in society right now, we have to be positive. Up for it. Gung-ho, saying YES to life.

And yet inside, even though we’re saying our positive affirmations, doing our gratitude journal, thinking about our dreams, we feel lost. 

Lost at sea on what to do with these murky, mucky emotional deep feelings.

Feelings of unworthiness, feelings of being found out as a fraud, feelings of it’s just not possible for me.

So we may turn to the “spiritual world”… and the majority of stuff we find there is telling us that these uneasy feelings are keeping us stuck. Yeah, love and light, baby 😉

“Great, so I feel shit and it’s my fault and I’m making it worse!”

I have found that through my own inner work, and working with clients… The way through is to roll up our sleeves and start working through these deep shadow emotions. To bring them into the light.

By bringing them up into your awareness, you can start to dissolve them. Just through your powerful presence, because really you are that powerful.

Keeping them in your shadow just keeps them there. Hidden in your subconscious, where they have a great time playing around with you as they still get to rule the roost and unconsciously dictate your results.

Because, if you try to say to the world that everything is ok with a fake smile… Most people can see and feel this, and not only people but EVERYTHING: your dreams, what it is you’d love in your life. Because you see, we’re all made of the same stuff, you, me, the career, the clients, the house, the dreamboat. And this stuff feels, feels if you are aligned with it, or not.

So embrace yourself fully, accepting and loving all parts of you. That’s the first step to being authentically you. To start with yourself.

You know, the other day, I was walking along the street and then I just gave some appreciation to my body as she’s done a lot with giving birth etc… Wow, how my body responded brought a tear to my eye, she felt so appreciated! And then I realised, I’d had my harsh inner critic really judging her on being too big, too loose and flabby. I was shocked, I didn’t know that was there! So it takes time just to check in with yourself, on how you’re really feeling, then honouring those feelings and loving and accepting yourself anyway.

There’s no end to this journey – it’s a spiral as we go over old things again to see deeper truths.