I birthed my first child. Said goodbye to dad. Helped many many clients find their life purpose and passion and even though it was super scary, helped them find the courage & plan to go for it. I deepened my own life purpose as I realised I’m here to really empower women by awakening their feminine power. I broke many illusions about what it is to be a woman, a partner, in a family. I finally understood what it meant to be busy, even though I thought I was before.

I now really value even more the importance of finding me-time, especially when the time is very limited.

I nearly broke under the weight of recovering from birth, losing my dad and crazily worrying about business in the first few months of my daughter’s birth…

Now, at the end of the year, I can truly look back and say I’ve had some amazing moments of complete bliss, and some difficult times that have helped me delve more deeply into who I really am and why I’m here and they’ve helped me more focus on what is it that I really want for this coming year.

Total sum = gratitude for it ALL.

And you know what? I couldn’t have done it alone, no way. I’ve got some real angels in my life… people that I consult for business, people who I get healing from when times are tough, friends that I send crazy text messages too when I feel hopeless and not forgetting my dear little dog who probably hears it all 😉

“Doing it alone” is a fallacy, an urban myth. We try to be “super-women” these days and do it all alone. Goodness knows I tried for years to live up to this perfectionist goal, and it just ain’t possible. Giving yourself permission to get help can be the biggest self-love gift you can ever give to yourself. And do you know what? You’ll probably find your deepest darkest scary-parts… aren’t really that scary. And you’ll get expert help and guidance when you need it most.

If I need help to do my taxes, I get an accountant. If I need help to fix my house, I get a builder. If I need help with social media, I get an expert. Because if I try to do it myself it’ll take longer, be super hard and I risk making a mistake.

So why then, when it comes to us… do we find it so difficult to get help?

Difficult to step up and say “I want to change my life and I need help”

Probably because of this urban myth… that we have to be superwoman and have it all figured out.

That’s why I love helping my clients, to help themselves. And do you want to know my biggest secret?

They’ve got all the answers really, I just help them find them!

Want to know my secrets to having a grateful heart for 2018, even the bad bits, and saying hello to a fantastic 2019?

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Love, Kelly