You know. You just don’t know that you know. And so you question yourself, doubt yourself and go round and around. What is the right decision to take? What should I be doing with my life?

And we can spend a lifetime looking outside of ourselves for answers. Like:

What is the next career step I should take? I know, I’ll go and look online and see what inspires me.


Should I trust this person? Then you’ll go and ask lots of other people.

The truth is all the answers are inside of you. And yet as women, we have been conditioned by society to not trust ourselves.

To not connect to our intuition…

You’re crazy
Being silly
Making stuff up

Hysterical by the way… The etymology of this word is “coming from the womb” so if you’re hysterical then we must remove your womb… Hence an hysterectomy.

This conditioning to go outside of ourselves for answers is taught to us from a young age.

We are taught to go to the authority and ask them what we should be doing with our lives.

And if we dare to swim against the stream, we are deemed “different” at best. On top of that, this conditioning has been going on for centuries, oh the sadness I feel when I see how we have been removed and disconnected from our intuition.

Our intuitive powers being belittled as “witchy” and therefore it was very dangerous for us to feel our intuition for many years.

Our intuitive powers being written off as “crazy” and therefore be quiet or we’ll take out your womb.

And the scariest thing? New research into epi genetics is now showing how trauma is passed down to us through our DNA, so even though we may not have experienced first hand the deep oppression of women, we may feel it deep in our genes. Take a look here if you’re interested in more on this or check our Michael Skinner’s TedX talk:

No wonder we as women feel it’s not safe to trust ourselves. It’s not safe to listen within.

Today however, we are in a new era, a new age of awakening, of lifting the veil, of feeling things more. And so we can courageously put all our past behind us and choose to connect to ourselves more deeply, no matter what. Because that is where our true heart lies, our true love, our true wishes and desires.

So here’s why must you trust your women’s intuition more than anything else:

  1. You are unique
    Nobody else can truly know what is right for you. You have a unique view of the world, a unique way of looking at things, a unique set of circumstances, experiences and options. In fact, it’s almost crazy to ask anyone else what is right for you as really they cannot possibly know.
  2. You have a unique gift
    You do, even if you THINK you don’t, thinking stinks so by connecting to your intuition, to what you feel… you will be on the path to discover your unique gift. And when you get that, it will make life feel so rich you will know that you are infinitely abundant.
  3. You know what will make you happy and fulfilled
    You can spend a lifetime on trying to make yourself feel happy and never succeed if you are trying to fill yourself with other people’s stuff, energy, handbags, food, holidays and sugar. What you are really craving to be fulfilled with… is YOU. Your own attention and energy, listening within and taking action from there. That is what will guide you to your unique version of happiness.
  4. You cannot go wrong
    This is my favourite 😉 when you connect to your intuition, you cannot go wrong! Even if it feels like a mistake sometimes, your higher self, knows the bigger picture and what may seem like a disaster could actually be your biggest blessing, that with hindsight you’ll count your lucky stars for.
  5. You owe it to yourself
    When you try to do something for someone else, or a goal that doesn’t really resonate for you, you cannot ever fully own it, yes you like it but it doesn’t feel YOURS. It’s not your baby, so you can’t fully nurture it. You need lots of motivation and pushing in order to this. But when it’s yours, oh my, you’ll fight all the lions and tigers and bears that you’ll find on your path.
  6. You owe it to the world
    Yes, girl, the world is waiting for you to show up fully as you. That way, you can deliver your unique service of love to the world… and even if you think there are thousands of people out there already doing what you’d love… they don’t have your flavour of the sauce. So come on, give us your sauce baby, you need you!
  7. You will awaken your goddess within
    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. no words.

So connect to your intuition and feel the power within.

I’ll finish with a favourite quote of mine, from Dr John Demartini:

When the voice and the vision on the inside is more profound, and more clear and loud, than all opinions on the outside, you’ve begun to master your life

To you, mistress.