Logically, you know that being in your feminine is good for you because you’re a woman right, so of course, that’s your natural place to be…

..and yet you feel like you don’t know how to, you don’t fully know what it is and maybe you don’t even feel fully safe to be in that energy.

And this is the main problem, logic. Logic runs the world, our minds and so everything that is not logical must first go through our logical processes to be understood and excepted and appreciated.

However, some things are outside of the logical mind so to run things through this makes no-sense. It’s like trying to make sense of a dog through a cat’s eyes – it’s just not the same.

So your feminine power is nothing to do with your logical mind.

Your feminine power has everything to do with how you feel, your emotions, your intuition, your presence.

And these things are not really considered as valuable in main society – and this is what stops you from expressing fully your feminine power.

1.You’re crazy

If you want to stand for something, really express your point of view or have “bad” emotions such as anger, you’re crazy. Crazy, hysterical, unhinged.

What if, you simply feel strongly about something and you want it to change? But expressing yourself is seen as dangerous, as not too long ago women who refused to subordinate were to lunatic asylums, to have hyster-ectomies and lobotomies.

Being called crazy, mad, out of your head is still very much present for a lot of women in society now if they don’t conform.

2. You’re just wrong

Your feminine view of the world doesn’t fit in the standard view, it’s illogical. And a prime example of this is international women’s day!

I know this not fitting into the main viewpoint as a left-handed person, the world is made for right-handers. Now that’s ok. I have no problem at all with it, but when you try to do things – like use scissors or learn to write or knit and you can’t – you feel stupid, everything is “the wrong way around” and this is the same for the female perspective. It’s not standard, so it feels wrong, illogical.

3. You’re too emotional

If you show emotion, you’re called dramatic, over-reacting, even just simply “being too emotional”. Like being emotional is something bad, we are made to feel guilty for being emotional. How many times have you apologised for crying?

What if, tapping into our emotions and how we are feeling, we can access and express our deepest feminine power. Like actually our emotions help us to feel what is really going on and then when we express them they are received lovingly and openly?

I love this quote by Raja Khan

Women are emotional in order to feel the divine energy at the highest levels and be supreme healers and lovers and mothers.

Not to drive men insane. Her deepest spiritual connection to feelings is to inspire a man to his spiritual heights as well. She is an oracle.

This isn’t to man-bash, it’s just how the world culture has been and things are changing.

I went to a private tour of The Louvre on Friday to see women artists. There are 400,000 pieces of art stored at The Louvre, 27 of them. Yes, that’s right 27 of them are by women.

Why? Because in society before, a woman wasn’t allowed to be an artist, and they were often under their husbands’ name, so in fact there are probably a lot of hidden women artists at the Louvre.

So feminine power hasn’t been accepted and appreciated for just for as it is for a long time. And we still have a hangover from those times in today’s society.

However, by feeling brave to not-conform and coming together as women and even taking a stand to make further changes that are needed in society we can more fully express our feminine power.

Tapping into your feminine power will bring so much depth to your beingness, you will free yourself to finally be you, authentically you just as you are.

Loving and accepting this power will enable you to use it to feel what is you’d really love in your life and daring to actually go for it and then to welcome it into your life.

So be emotional, be crazy, be wrong and see what that can do for you!

Love, Kelly