It’s nearly May! Hasn’t the year gone super quick? Are you feeling on top of things, like everything is going your way and you’re on the way to reaching your goals – if so give me a high five 🙌

If not, then we need to talk, seriously, if you want to live your dream life or move forward with finding your life purpose then HIT reply and comment below to book in a call with me 📞

I am currently in Ibiza, I just finished a magical weekend with 42 beautiful souls who came and joined me for a weekend workshop to help them find their life purpose.

We had goosebumps in the room when each of the attendees found a deeper meaning to their lives – it was just magical. Of course, I had the usual stresses before organising a big event like getting yummy organic juices from our friends at Passion Cafe and trying to get the room set up with not enough tables and chairs (don’t worry, we made it ;p) but when it came to the actual workshop – it just flowed beautifully and I felt so energised by the end of it.

THAT is a true sign that you are doing what you love! 💜💜💜

Now I am enjoying early morning beach swims with my cuties Ina and Otto and working from my sea-view apartment and seeing friends in between.

I am also about to finish a huge 1-year womb practitioner training course – so I have an essay, exam and assessment to do!

This work has been phenomenal for me…

I first found about womb work when I had a miscarriage and I went to have a healing session – it opened up a whole new world of shamanic practices so when I found out about the practitioner course it was a no-brainer for me. I am so excited to be sharing this work with you soon.

Because, you know the power that brings spirit into matter and births life into this world? Well, it’s your sacred temple and you can harness that power to create whatever you wish *not just babies.

The journey to harnessing this power isn’t easy, it takes treading in both your light and dark side, embracing both and saying “I love you”.

It takes clearing out centuries, even millennia of conditioning, oppression and the whole world telling you what you need to do to be a woman.

And when you make this temple space clear?

You know you are the queen of your world.

People have the wipe their feet before they enter, or they simply get stopped 10 tracks before.

You have a voice that comes from within that is sooo strong, so powerful that no-one dares doubt you, especially yourself.
You command what you wish, and so it is.
You embrace both sides of your wishes with grace.

My initiation into this work hasn’t been easy.

I had to face my biggest demon… this demon was outside of me for a while. I fought and fought and fought (luckily my name means warrior in gallic) but still this issue wouldn’t go away. Turns out?

I thought I deserved it. I had a power so big inside of me that this freak was attracted to my light, to take it for themselves. And me? I felt like I needed to be punished for all the “bad” things I’ve done in my life so it was the perfect storm. This was so deeply rooted inside of me, it was hard to find.

When I healed that. That’s when I fully stepped into being a womb woman.

A woman that activates other people’s wombs.

So you’ll be hearing more about this work soon… watch this space!



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