It took me a long time to connect fully to my feminine power… I always had a strong energy running through me, like an electric current and it showed in my vitality, my radiance, my zest for life… but from a young age it didn’t feel fully safe to be in that energy. 

​​I always got the wrong kind of attention just being me – I felt like a hunted prey under the hunter’s spotlight. So I hid it, I used it of course to my advantage through beauty and attraction but I never fully showed myself. 

​​I never fully stepped into that feminine power. I didn’t even know that it fully was, it just felt unsafe and uncontrollable. 

Throughout life I was always interested furthering myself, learning, spiritual growth. I always believed is some kind of magic but I just didn’t know where it was or how to start to discover it. It was in my 30s something important happened.

I met Diana Beaulieu, Modern Medicine Woman. I’d had a miscarriage and I felt sad so I decided to see Diana to help me heal my womb. This began my journey into womb work and finally a lot of things in my life started to just click into place… 

Aa few years before meeting her I was awoken from a dream with a super clear message that I was here to “awaken people’s sacral chakra” – I was so shaken by this and yet I had NO IDEA at all what this meant. 

​​Meeting Diana and doing womb work started to unlock within me so much wisdom, magic and a deeper understanding of what it meant to be a woman. I finally felt sacred.

​It’s years after doing this work on myself and then doing a years practitioner training that I am sharing this work as an Activator of women’s feminine power – in their womb space.​

  • The womb space is your sacred temple and you can harness that power to create whatever you wish *not just babies.
  • The journey to harnessing this power isn’t easy, it takes treading in both your light and dark side, embracing both and saying “I love you”.
  • ​It takes clearing out centuries, even millennia of conditioning, oppression and the whole world telling you what you need to do to be a woman.

And when you make this temple space clear?

​​1. You know you are the queen of your world. 👸🏼
​2. People have the wipe their feet before they enter, or they simply get stopped 10 tracks before. 👣
​3. You have a voice that comes from within that is sooo strong, so powerful that no-one dares doubt you, especially yourself. 💋
4. You command what you wish, and so it is. 🙏🏻
5. You embrace both sides of your creations with grace. ♎︎

So my lovely, I invite you to receive my Awaken Your Divine Feminine Power guide here

Do the meditation in this guide as the first simple step.

This isn’t about reading, researching, thinking about or studying this topic. It is an experience to embody, to feel physically. 

​​It’s your unique connection and experience with your womb and this can only be done by actually practicing it.

If you are finding it hard, here’s my top tips to deal with it:

  • You may have been disconnected to this part of your body for a long, long time or indeed never really had a relationship with your womb so be patient. Turn up for yourself and trust it will work.
  • ​Connect to your intention – your intention is to connect with your body and your womb. Just holding this intention is ENOUGH. We have all forgotten how powerful we actually ARE and by focusing on your intention, even though you can’t notice much else is very powerful.
  • ​Find a position that is right for you when doing the meditation, and always change positions as soon as you feel the need. This isn’t about being forceful and rigid with ourselves.
  • Don ́t force yourself- be aware of any aches, pain, injuries, areas of weakness and remain within your own personal limits – the feminine way is self kindness.
  • ​Accept your experience fully as it is. There is no right and wrong way to experience this work, it will be just right for you where you are in your life right now.

Love, Kelly


​​PS I’d love to know how your experience has been with the meditation so let me know by replying to this blog post