Your feminine power is what makes you a woman.

Yes, we have both feminine and masculine energies inside of us, but as a woman, you are usually more feminine than masculine.

Or should I say, you could be? The truth is, most of us are in our masculine energy most of the time. Because right now in society, masculine is seen as the better way to be – more logical, the norm, the right way.

Whereas masculine energy is more projecting, putting out, taking action. Feminine is more receiving, opening and being.

Your feminine power, therefore, is about saying no to the things in society that are seen as powerful – doing, achieving, getting accolades. And saying yes to being, to feeling, to receiving.

Your femininity is hugely powerful because when you tap into it you become magnetic.

Magnetic to what is really right for YOU, not what others think, outside opportunities, gaining external approval.

Magnetic to your desires, what it is that your heart and womb deeply desires. Instead of what you think you should have, what you actually really desire, and this is extremely powerful. More powerful than trying to get it.

Magnetic to receiving your desires. Receiving. Opening. Welcoming in your desires. Rather than striving and hoping and working really really hard to get them. You can simply sit back and receive.

These are your divine rights when you tap into your feminine power. 
Your feminine power lies in the centre of your womb. This extremely potent energy contains the power to turn an embryo into a baby. And this power has largely been forgotten.

Think for a moment, what is your relationship to your womb?
You may have never have thought about it. Or it may bring up painful stories of period pains and trying to have a baby, or happy stories of being pregnant, childbirth.

Your womb is your sacred temple of feminine power.

Have you noticed when you’ve been pregnant or a friend has? How they glow? They are just so radiant, right?

Their light is their feminine power shining right out into the world. That’s why pregnant women are irresistibly attractive. They have that potent power going on maximum.

I know when I was pregnant, my business just FLEW. I literally had people queuing to work with me. They didn’t even know I was pregnant but that glow was magnetically attracting them.

What if I told you that when your womb space is clear that feminine power becomes even more potent?

And that you can start to harness that energy to manifest and own your miracles?

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