Oh my god, do those words resonate with you? Do you feel like you’ve been caught out, done something wrong or instantly need to fix something? Read on to discover my thoughts on ‘how to stop feeling guilty all of the time’.

Welcome to a side effect of the good girl syndrome.

You see, we’ve been trying to spend a lifetime fixing all the things that are wrong with us as a woman. This role of the good girl means that so that many natural tendencies as a woman are not acceptable, not right, not good.

You can’t be sexual, you slut,

you can’t powerful, you bossy boots

and you can’t be angry, you crazy woman!

So what happens when we start to unravel all this conditioning?

Here’s a snippet of what your feminine power can do for you from my recent Unleash Your Feminine Power masterclass!

As one woman who joined the masterclass said “My womb feels so excited, fasten your seatbelts!”

Because do you know what? You deserve to feel excited to be a woman, not ashamed!

Love Kelly


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