Unleashing your feminine power means that can finally stop doing and start receiving. Start receiving all your desires, your deserves and your desserts.  Because if you want your cake and to eat it, why not? Read on to discover how your feminine energy unlocks more fortune and fun!

The thing is we have been soooo used to being in our masculine energy of doing, getting, actioning. This way of being has become the new normal.

And in fact, to be in your feminine is deviant.

emotional, distracted, not doing much.

Not doing much except being fucking fabulous, connecting to your intuition and becoming a magnet for all you desire.

You see, you are amazing to have this feminine energy running through you.

This is the part of you that is totally present with all that is, that feels what is right for them and that sits back and receives their desires.

Without this feminine energy, you are constantly doing, getting burnt out and not actually ready to sit back and enjoy your desires.

Can you see how it’s not working for you to just be in your masculine? In a way, you are blocking your desires from coming to you. As you’re too busy trying to get them.

Your masculine energy should be IN SERVICE to your feminine energy.

Your feminine feel, intuits and magnetises. Your masculine goes and gets it and brings it back to your feminine to receive!

Sounds simple. Yet we’re not doing it? Why? and how to unleash this feminine energy?

I see you, I feel you and I know you have the most incredible light within you that is ready to burst through!

I love having you with me, on this crazy ride of life, and to show you how much I’ve put together a powerful session to ignite your creativity and get you excited and exhilarated from within.

Sometimes being a woman feels tough.  

We are so hard on ourselves.

We struggle with how to be….. how to communicate our truth…. And much more.

BUT… I have some answers for you.  I have something new and inspiring.

It won’t take you down the well-trodden path of feminine energy,  it will take you somewhere you’ve been longing to go.

So if you want to let go of the shackles of girlhood, people pleasing and over-giving (lets be honest we all do it) and find a place of certainty, strength and inner knowing, join me and lets Unleash your Divine Feminine Power….

The power you are secretly afraid of, the power that feels too much for your World and the power that is your birthright.

You’ll thank me forever, just like I’m thanking my own Self for being brave enough to dive into the wonder that is me.

You want to be more in your feminine power, you somehow know that this is a major key for your life. You want to feel that divine energy running through you and harness it in your life. And yet you’re still not sure if “you’re doing it right”.

That’s the thing, you want to get it right. All the time. And to be honest, if you don’t, you’re a hard task-master on yourself.

“should have done better, should have known better, should have been better”

Ohhh yuck, that feels horrible right?

And you’ve probably never really shown these feelings to others, in fear of getting caught out. Being caught out as an imposture.

What if I told you that you’re not doing it right? And that’s a good thing. Because what is the right way anyhow? An impossible-to-define-thing so you never reach it?

More than that, what if I told you to stop doing stuff to actually get more stuff done?

That there’s a way to be perfect in your imperfections and to receive all you wish, without having to do that much?

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