I know you’ve tried so hard to fit in at work. To be the best, to make it not matter that you’re a woman. You can still deliver, still achieve, still make a difference. And you can.

However, you’ve spent years suppressing your feelings so that you “don’t seem too emotional”, you’ve forced your experiences into making sense using logic.

You’ve denied your sensitive intuitive side as it didn’t feel safe.

And now you’re fed up. Fed up of the gender pay gap, the old & young gentleman’s club. Fed up of fierce competition from other women, as it sure doesn’t feel like a sisterhood sometimes. Fed up with floating along and feeling like something is missing.

Something is missing.


The authentic you, the own without the masks, who is creative and can feel things and yes, maybe you’re even a bit wild at times.

The one who wants to dress up, dress down and get out of all boxes you feel you’ve been put into to be accepted as a woman (you know those roles such as the partner, the professional, the mother, the successful woman, the Wonder Woman, the woman who has all her shit together!)

To be in your feminine, it’s not about “doing stuff” like putting on a dress, remembering to smile, wearing make up or feeling emotional.

It’s a state of being. Being in your feminine is just state, it’s a presence. You can’t achieve it as you already are it. You just have to get all the things in the way for you to be it.

When you begin to connect and really live from your feminine power, that power is mighty soft yet mighty powerful. You can finally just show up as you are in your your glory and light.

I wish for a world in which it’s ok to be in our feminine as well as our masculine. This isn’t about man bashing, we cannot control or change anyone but ourselves. I believe if we work on our wounded parts that stop us from embracing our feminine, then we can be more in our divine feminine. Which will help to uplevel men to their divine masculine.

I share womb work for every single woman on the planet.

Love, Kelly

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