Dear sister, as a woman do you realise just how divinely delicious you are?

Yes, you can be sexual, sensual and also deeply spiritual.

But you don’t feel like that most of the time. Rather you need to lose a bit of weight, get  toned up, tan some more, have your roots done, get some new make up, buy a new face cream, try a new treatment, get your teeth fixed, have your nails done, suck your tummy in, push your chest out, stand up straight, drink more water, get more sleep, have more fun, be more relaxed, buy a new outfit, laugh more.

Get the gist? What’s lying behind all this then?

You’re not perfect enough.


And one day, in a thousand years or so, you will be.

And then, and only then, can you relax and enjoy your sensuality and fully embodied divinity.

The thing is as a woman you are here to fully enjoy your sexual sensual energy – and that is the very thing that connects you to the divine. That rich deep warm feeling, IS your life force. And when you fully connect to that you embody your divinity.

But you’ve been taught that sexual energy is sinful, slutty, shameful.

So you hide it and put it in the “naughty but nice” box and on the other end of the scale you put your divinity in the “clean and pure” box.

Do you notice how modern day society has an obsession about body image? And you can’t ever quite make the cut.

And that “I’m not perfect enough yet” mode is the very thing that cuts your off from your divinity?

Because you can’t enjoy yourself (and by yourself I mean your own self – honouring your body) wantonly, physically, you can’t fully connect divinely.

Could this even be done on purpose in some way? To disconnect us from our own power? I’ll let you ponder on that, let me your what you feel 🥰

So let’s get out of these boxes, these invisible barriers that stop us from fully enjoying ourselves, and our own energy.

This is what my activate your feminine power circle is all about – activating and enjoying your own delicious portal of life where you own sexual sensual energy is stored with an endless supply. Because when you feel that, you can start to fully embody and it enjoy your delicious divinity.

Here’s some mantas to start enjoying yourself and connecting deeply to you 🌸

♥️I choose to feel full of myself and enjoy my deliciousness

♥️I am deliciously sensual

♥️I am desirable and I praise all parts of my body

♥️I am wholly divinely sexual

Love Kelly