People often ask me what it means to awaken your feminine power… and usually I come with loads of intangibles because words don’t suffice for the fun-damental change awakening your power makes in your life. 
It’s more like a big change in your vibe that shifts everything in your universe. 
Because when you shift > EVERYTHING SHIFTS.

Your relationships,
Your work,
Your new projects,
Your babies, 
Your creativity,
Your sense of enjoyment
Your sense of who you are
Your sense of how much you are worthy
Your sense of how loveable you are

…To name just a few…

But still these are intangibles.  So I asked my clients… this is what they say…

“before I tried to be valued by what I did, what I contributed to others. NOW I KNOW I AM JUST VALUABLE. full stop.”

Can you imagine the effect this would have on your life? To just show up as fully valuable, and worthy with no self-doubt? You bet that people reflect that straight back at you.

“I know I have a gift, my life purpose and this gives me a real point to my life outside of being a wife and mother.” 

And this ☝️means you have meaning, you’re on a mission, you have something to birth, to help others in the world – to make a difference. And that is life-changing. Suddenly there’s an inner drive and motivation.

“Now I have a different way of living life – from ease and joy and I feel relaxed, I can finally surrender knowing that things always work out for me”

The thing is things always work out for you, eventually. The speediness of that working out depends on your energy to RECEIVE – one of the most fundamental shifts you make when you awaken your feminine power.

“Now I have a voice from within that’s so strong and powerful she speaks up before I have time to think it through – and it’s always for me best.”

Hello Boundaries! did you always have to think about your boundaries and protect them? Not anymore, when you awaken your feminine power you create an energetic boundary that instinctively knows what is good for you and what is not – no more thinking and agonising over decisions – you know and your voice expresses knowing without justification. 

So you see, awakening your feminine power can be so good for you… and it creates a vibration from deep within you that makes you feel loved, worthy, whole and ready to shine your light big time!

So lovely, if living your life from your purpose, from your worthiness, from you knowing that you are LOVE is calling you – let’s talk – COMMENT BELOW and we can set up a call.

Love Kelly