Wow, what a difference a day or so, can make right?

I know it can feel like really uncertain times right now and like a client said to me “the only reference to this is the films I’ve watched”.

And then there’s those of us that have felt this in our bones for a long time…that a big shift is coming.

Change is inevitable and it’s our animal nature, the lower parts of our brain, the amygdala that just want everything to be the same again. Working from this part of the brain you have more limited options of what possibilities you can see for you, your loved ones, your business, your community etc.

Now, more than ever, it’s  time to use the tools that we know to get us back into our centre, back into feeling really grounded and then from there to connect to our higher states of consciousness to find solutions.

The bigger the chaos, the more beautiful the hidden order.

So I wanted to share with you some of the tools that have helped me and my clients feel grounded and calm again. Take a look at this video where I shall a powerful practice to ground & connect:
I am going to keep sharing more inspiring content over these weeks.

This Friday I have a Spring Equinox BALANCING healing circle taking place on my Facebook page at 10am Central European Time:

I set up a 21-day good vibes challenge in January and I’ve decided to re-open the group so that we can share good vibes for all of those across the globe that are looking for support, help and good vibes.
To join the facebook group, just join here:
Everyone is welcome to provide inspiration, guidance and helpful advice to keep us in good vibes at this time. So if you want to participate, just reach out to me xxx