I got a message from a good friend recently, it said “Bless you. You’re nothing less than a warrioress Kelly x”. You see, I’ve been ill with a chest infection the last two days and I’m also doing some deep shadow work.
Normally this would make my blush and have a wry smile, as in “She got me. She knows me”.
And I get this message a lot. Friends saying how they admire my courage, my energy, my power.
And yet. And yet… being a warrior can be a lonesome path.
I see so many women. Warrior women. Doing it all alone.
Successful careers ✅
Amazing businesses ✅
Financially independent ✅
Great friendships ✅
Full of health and energy ✅
Some are amazing mummies ✅
Or even have a loving relationship too ✅
And for these warrior women. It’s ALL down to them. To their hard work, amazing juggling skills and determination.
A warrior woman may look like she has it all and can handle it all and yet…
It’s normal that one of her life areas is lacking… It could be not being able to make the business as amazing as they want, living in a country that isn’t their soul home or missing out on that love relationship or baby.
But they would never want to show that. As to warrior woman she has to have it all. She has to make it look easy. She loves others to admire her.
Warrior woman wants others to admire her so that they don’t see her vulnerable side.
Because she is, deep down, sh scared that is the someone sees that… She’ll be seen as weak or worst of all, they may pity her.
She has forgotten that there is strength in her soft side.
Like a cat, she can roll over onto her back and allow her soft belly to be tickled. That even people would love her soft belly, in all its imperfections.
This is the place where she can let people in. Let intimacy rise. Intimacy with a partner, a friend, a client, the universe.
Because warrior woman, if you think you can do it all alone? Guess what? The universe will respond by saying “yes”.
and you can just carry on as you are. Doing it all alone, working hard, trying and striving.
What if you could allow your vulnerabilities rise, firstly to be seen and spoken by yourself. Then by universe as you welcome in help and assistance. And finally where you pick up the phone, to a coach, a healer, a mentor and say “help”.
This is reaching out your hand and allowing the universe that is waiting to help you respond by saying yes.

Love Kelly


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