How can we get female empowerment wrong?

The female empowerment movement has created great waves in highlighting and tackling the pay gap, gender equality and creating change in the political-economic landscape so that the feminine gets honoured.

And yet… when taken at an individual level, we can get female empowerment wrong.

Its taught a lot of us, who are NOT living under social imbalances, such as poverty and oppression to become Ultra-Independent Ball-Breakers.

I see so many women, who in a bid to empower themselves, cut themselves off from themselves by denying heart-break and childhood trauma and never allowing them to feel like they are a victim in anyway.

So they deny the victim card – I hear so much “I am not a victim” or “I will never be a victim” BUT – and there it is – The But. The but that means “I don’t ever want to be seen as a victim as that would mean I am weak but really I feel like I am.”

This refusal to even allow yourself to be a victim means you will forever be trapped in deeply hidden victim-consciousness. Where all your actions are coming from

❌ proving you are not,

❌ forcing your agenda and

❌ having strict boundaries

all of which, will have you come off like you are a ball-breaker. But really it’s a deep defence and reaction from the parts of you that are not integrated.

Yes, you may have many admirers as this pushy energy has probably got you success – in your corporate career or as a bad-ass entrepreneur. But you are no-where near reaching the type of success that is in your full potential when you are really empowered by loving and being the wholeness that YOU ARE.

And the thing is, the is part of you that is quietly nagging away at you saying that you don’t deserve this success, or that it’s going to be all taken away, or that you have imposture syndrome – because in a way, you are an imposter… when you are not fully loving and honouring all that you are.

So how to get empowerment right, then?

🔻 You are a power onto yourself when do the inner work – when you know how are you feeling, when you can be honest with yourself about it and in turn be honest with those around you about that.  Otherwise – your unconscious patterns are running chaos around you.

🔻 When you come into integrity with yourself… when you are ok with yourself when you’re not feeling high vibe, when you can look at why, when you can honour the heart-break you may be going though, when you can transmute the energies instead of avoiding them.

🔻 I love to look at the ancients when it comes to my own personal journey as it creates so much deep remembrance in me and contains so much mystery.

In the temple at Delphi was inscribed “KNOW THYSELF” in Greek: γνῶθι σεαυτόν

I believe there is no greater empowered person why fully knows thyself. A person who knows all of their parts – which is a lifelong journey of discovery and the best relationship you’ll ever have, by the way.

Just imagine that for a moment – to know all of you, to acknowledge all of you – the hurt parts, the angry parts, the good parts, the bad parts.

And then in that knowing, the deep knowing of those parts – where they come from, how they came to be, to then love all of those parts – to LOVE THYSELF. Every single little piece. Love unifies, it integrates those parts so that you can come into wholeness. You literally bring them into the light, away from the darkness of being hidden.

And finally then, to finally freaking BE THYSELF. To be thyself no matter who you are with, what you are doing and what role you are meant to be playing – the professional, the partner, the mum, the woman even.

You are you. You are honouring what you value in how you spend your time and energy, You are shining your light and you are living life on your terms. 

Wow. That is power 💫

That is how to get female empowerment so right.

Photo by Wisma Urcine on Unsplash

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