Here’s to your becoming

Hell no, I am not perfect. I am a work-in-progress. But I never let that (the-work-in-progress-part) make me forget that I AM an eternal masterpiece

The feminine path of initiation 🌹 is one of connection to your deepest potential and wisdom. When you do that, you realise your desires and start to work towards them. In that walking towards the highest vision for yourself, the feminine requires FULL EMBODIMENT. 

This is not a path of great spiritual experiences where you then “come down” and return to your life as a shh show. This requires you to implement all the greatness that you see in those visions 😍. 

And so, the cloaked woman arrives. She takes you on a underworld journey, to love and integrate all the parts of you that are not in alignment with the highest vision of you. So that you may rise again, the great shining sun-woman that you are 🌞. 

This is done through Womb consciousness  – which is like a holograph of the black hole in the milky way, the great mother. Nothing can escape it. It deeply cleanses all the parts of you that are not in alignment with that vision, it retains all the wisdom of the universe as it is connected to ALL that is… and then you are reborn again in a new frequency. 

This is your becoming.

And this work 👆 is calling you into your next becoming.

It’s not for the faint-hearted 😅. 
But it is for those who want to live their biggest version of themselves, who have a message to share with the world and know that NOW IS THE TIME ✊.

Is it time for you to become the leader that you are?
Do you have a message to share with the world?

Now is your time.

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Love Kelly

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