6 steps to manifesting the feminine way & a special gift for you

This is a magical time for manifestation..


But how do you do it?

By striving, pushing, making it happen??  Isn’t that exhausting…

There is another way, a way that is as natural as breathing… or it would be if we didn’t bury it beneath everything we get taught 😬.

It means utilising the magic of the Universe, it connects you to the divine feminine energy that creates all things.  It means coming into harmony with your heart, the rhythms of the Earth, the light of the stars and the expansion of the cosmos .

It is the feminine way, the mystery of creation and it is within you.

A lot of manifestation processes, even those that set intentions by the moon, can still be masculine-driven.

They normally look something like this:

  1. Think about what you want
  2. Make a wish list
  3. Do a ceremony of some kind – using candles, oracle decks, whatever you wish
  4. Then hoping and praying it will happen
  5. Getting frustrated when it doesn’t
  6. Asking yourself Why me? What’s wrong with me!

Sound familiar?

A lot of my clients find this manifestation process does’t work for them… so they give up believing in themselves, the universe and how things really work 🤷‍♀️.

The issue with a lot of these processes is that energy underneath them is I WANT – not the highest frequency of I LOVE.

This wanting energy is…

still looking at lack… I don’t have it yet.

still looking at when… with ever encroaching deadlines, numbers that seem way way, all limit in fact!

has no consideration for your natural harmony…Like is this good for me? It is suited to my soul path? Is this a good time right now?

So it’s disembodied, disconnected and it creates dissonance in the entire universe.

So how is the feminine way of manifesting? Here are my 6 steps…

🔻 Connect with YOU

You in your clear chalice. You without your stories, trauma, hurt and pain. You without other people’s stuff inside of you – their stories, trauma, hurt and pain.

🔻Ask your womb

She is the centre of your wisdom. What does she need? What does she desire? What does she see for you? You may be surprised by the answer. You can even ask her about a desire you have and check-in to see if it feels “right”. If you feel disconnected from your womb, don’t worry, this is what all my work is about 😍

🔻 Journal on these desires

What would it feel like? What would it be like? What would it mean for you? Who would you have to be? What would you have to do? This will bring up blocks – because that is the path… to remove all the junk that is stopping you from being in your greatness. I share  powerful shamanic journeys to clear all this junk in my circles. 

🔻 Plant a seed of deep intention

Trust it will grow at the perfect rate that is right for you. Water it with your love, what journaling prompts of “what if?” Imagine your becoming.

🔻 Pass it over to the masculine

He’s the part of you that is the action taker, the do-er. Let him provide the structure, the plan and do the doings. But make sure there’s time in that plan to just be in your feminine!

🔻 RECEIVE – the most important step into the manifestation process that is so about being in your feminine and gets lost so much in our world of “making stuff happen / getting stuff done / achieve achieve achieve”

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Love Kelly


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