Here’s some of the worst things I’ve ever heard

Some times I find my when clients start out with me they are scared to death to tell me their darkest secrets. They still somehow want to protect me, an acquaintance to begin with, from their deepest murkiness. 

Often times, when they’ve told me… they see my eyes and my face….and they are surprised. Why? Because nothing shakes me. I have held space for transformation enough times now that I have a deep certainty that whatever the dark, ugly and scary secret is I know. 

I KNOW that there is magic to be had there, light to come out of it, great wisdom and power ready to be released – just like on upcoming retreat. 

Here are just some of the things I have witnessed as a shaman:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse 
  • Narcissistic abuse 
  • Pacts with the devil and other occult stuff 
  • Losing the mind
  • Neglect
  • Abandonment
  • Parents separating
  • Womb grief – miscarriages, terminations, fertility issues
  • Eating disorders
  • Addictions
  • Rape
  • Betrayal of incredible proportions 
  • & more & more & more. 

& this is just me 👀, I’m kinda kidding. But I want to you to know that nothing is too big or too scary to transform. Nothing

The thought of it is sooo often more scary that transforming it. And with my hand, you will find:

☀️ There is a great light

This is a huge release

🌀 From it comes great great Wisdom

❤️ you will receive an incredible amount of Power – power that you locked up when you became traumatised. 

I never forget one day I was cohosting a retreat with a fabulous woman who saw me do this and turned to me and asked me “How do you do it? I can’t take it when it goes too dark!” 

I said… this is me, this is my lineage, this is my path 🙏🏻.

Have you ever watched the film Mary Madelene? The opening scene starts with a woman in great pain in labour – the midwifes can’t do anything, it’s breach and in those days that usually meant one thing. They called on Mary, she lies down next to woman, she grabs her face and looks deep into her eyes. She says something like “I am here, I am with you, I will not leave you, we are doing this together” And she breathes with her and it happens – a miracle is born and all are healthy. 

This is what my lineage do. We are the bridgers, the ones who see between both worlds. The one who do this journey with you. You are not alone and miracles are possible every single moment. 

I know that the darkness is where the freaking power is. 

I know that when you are willing to go through it, you can transform this base elements to pure gold.

This is alchemy at it’s core

So when you transform a deep darkness in your life, it happens in your body, in your consciousness and in your life.

You are literally turning your shh show of a life into pure gold.

That’s why I can go with the wonderful flow myself. Recently I have been working on my own worthiness (side note, don’t believe any coach who tells you they are complete – it means they are ignorant. They wouldn’t be here on earth if they did). 

In working with my worthiness, it’s taken me to an infant, with my mentor’s hand and guidance we have done amazing shamanic journeys on this. This transformation now immediately is turned gold for you – I have received incredible downloads for my business and how I share my message to the world. 

This is all available to you. All you need to do is say yes to you. Yes to the greatest version of you. Yes to gold.

I have a few spots for private work right now or join me on retreat on the magical island of Ibiza

Reach out to discuss

Love Kelly


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