Feminine power turned on and off

Feminine power turned off ❌ looks like
Trying to gain approval, validation and love from:

❤️ Your Relationships
🤑 Your level of Wealth
☑️ Your number of likes and comments and shares

All these things are never enough as a source of love and power… because they are outside of you they are subject to change 🤷‍♀️.

Putting your power and love into external circumstances creates a deep level of fear and survival instinct 😱.

Because you know at some point they could go away.
Maybe even, probably in childhood, you had the rug pulled up from under your feet creating a deep lack of trust.

Feminine power turned on ❤️ looks like
Connecting to your own infinite well of worth so that you know:

🔻 Your infinite worth
🌀 Your deep truth
🌅 Your path

That creates certainty, security and faith.
You have with inside of you an infinite well, a zero point energy where you can know and feel and be that magnificent spark of light that you are and shine that out into the world.

Want to learn more about Awakening the divine feminine within you?

The part of you who knows she is a divine being of light, totally worthy, totally loveable and is here on earth to be celebrated and to enjoy the material world of creation?

The feminine has been diminished and dishonoured for millennia. It hasn’t been safe to be in our feminine for a long time so no wonder we prefer to stay in the knowing of the masculine.

And that’s the kicker. Both of these energies, feminine and masculine have become distorted.

The distorted masculine disowns and diminishes the feminine and comes over all bully and aggressive.

The distorted feminine competes with other women in a bid to fill her deep void of emptiness hoping to get love and approval from the outside.

Now, you may have thought you’ve done a lot of work on owning your inner king and queen. But women who do this work with me realise that this work takes it down to full embodiment – not concepts that feel and sound go. You become the frequency. The frequency of the divine feminine, restored and fully owning her light and power. She is the beloved of the divine masculine, she births the masculine and resurrects him.

The ancients knew this. First you restore the feminine, then the masculine. Otherwise the masculine alone gets into me, myself and my empire realisation. Cutting himself off from his divinity.

Welcome to Awaken Your Divine Feminine Within you.
👉 Join me on 6 spectacular weeks of private sessions to help you Awaken The Divine Feminine Within You.

The place where you are going to shed all the conditioning of what holds you back so that you can step into your own divine femininity.

I’ve helped many many women now break free from toxic relationships, unhealthy over-giving patterns and restore their enjoyment of their own inner beauty and intuition and goddess-like creative powers!

It took me years to find out what it really means to be a happy successful woman, experiencing many therapies, NLP, coaching, tapping and many methodologies that have helped me grow and I’m truly grateful. But womb work, this is where I found my deep inner divine feminine and the courage to live from it.

It’s a magical experience and you will be surprised to find, as you cleanse your wounds in the womb and heart, you will begin rediscover your own inner wisdom, and to connect to what it was that would truly make you feel happy, honoured and powerful.

2 spots available
Includes 6 x private sessions – only £1k investment (part payments also available)

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Love Kelly

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