Go into the weekend like a Goddess

Did you know that Friday is the day of the Goddess?
It’s the day of Venus
The day to celebrate and honour your feminine. How delicious is that?

We get so caught up with organising and doing, planning dates, fun times, social activities and so on.. over the weekend that we often forget to bring in the feminine element of Pure Presence – and most importantly, stillness..

So then we don’t actually enjoy the weekend fully as we are not present in it – so let’s change that, together.

have you often felt like the weekend went too fast? Well, it’s probably because you missed just to Be and Enjoy.

So just before you head into your weekend, I’d like to invite you to take these simple steps with me to come into your feminine and let Her be your guide ❤️

So take a moment now:

  1. Bring your attention to your body, feel your feet on the floor, your bottom on your seat, notice which parts of your body are touching your seat.
  2. Now notice your breathing, without trying to change it, feel where you can feel it in your body, is it your chest, your diaphragm, your tummy?
  3. Now take your awareness to your skin, can you feel the air on your skin, what temperature is it?
  4. Notice what you can hear – sounds close to you, sounds in the distance…
  5. Now have a look around your room, what can you see… where are things placed? What’s there?

Aaaaand there she is.. feel good?

In this short exercise, you have become present… a feminine quality. This feminine quality helps you to really enjoy the present moment, to be with it, to feel it.

You’ve probably also noticed that your breathing and how you feel have calmed down. That’s because you’ve come out of your racing mind, trying to make things happen or worrying about what’s next.

You’re here.

And in that full feminine presence. You are radiant: The divine, embodied.

And in that embodiment you feel grounded, calm, and actually able to enjoy this very moment and to notice all that it has to offer.

Happy weekend, Goddess ❤️

Love Kelly

PS: I often run exercises like this in my Facebook Group: Activate The Divine – would you like to join us in this beautiful container?

photo credit: Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

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