Mother your human self / Allow your higher self to lead

Those moments when the words come and you can’t get them out onto paper fast enough.. that was me a few nights ago. Some space during my holiday with a dear friend lead to this channeled piece of writing that I’d love to share with you:

Mother your human self
Allow your higher self to lead

The human self has human goals:
A partner, a baby, a house, to feel safe, to feel loved, to matter somehow

And sometimes those goals are not realised…

🍂 The man is nowhere to be seen and you feel lonely

🍂 The baby isn’t going to happen for you this time around

🍂 The idea of owning your dream home seems way out of reach

🍂 Your vision for your business is not being realised… yet

And so often as conscious women we take the high road… and also spiritually bypass our human self

“Well, if it’s not meant to be then it’s not meant to be”

“I’m ok with what the Universe’s plan for me is”

“I wonder what opportunities will open up instead?”

Deep down, your human self thinks she’s not good enough for her dreams. And inside she’s screaming. In pain, In shock, and in grief

What we’re missing is the Mother

❌ We don’t need a righteous spiritual viewpoint when we meet these crises

We need a doula.

Someone who can love and Mother you through it

Someone who can be there for you. Hear you. Hold you. Who’s not going to say it’s all going to be ok.
No! You need someone who’s going to look you in the eyes and say I see you. I meet you there.

The lost art of the Mother.., that is what our human self needs

And the Mother has been degraded and demoted to mere household duties.

It’s time to resurrect the Mother

To hold space for grief… which is what we’re all experiencing right now

In that holding of space… deep reconnection can occur

To your spiritual self, the one who sees all, the one who remembers the soul contracts and the deep promise you made when you came down to earth.

She can then lead the way
Without dragging around a bleeding-hearted, neglected inner child.

Instead, she scoops her up, makes her feel loved, held, and cherished.

Whole again as your energetic frequency expands.

And in that expansion all becomes possible

You become the frequency of your life purpose – able to stay on mission, focused, and have all the magic and creativity of the universe behind your back to bring in new realities

Do you feel like a leader, a visionary of this new world? Do you know that you have inner blocks and broken dreams still playing in your mind?

Reach out to me for a discovery call to see how I can help you realise that big vision of yours that’s so needed right now.

And in that full feminine presence. You are radiant: The divine embodied.

And in that embodiment, you feel grounded, calm, and actually able to enjoy this very moment and to notice all that it has to offer.

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