Wounded feminine energy – Secretly Despising Beauty

wounded feminine energy

One of the deepest darkest shadows that women carry is that of deep deep jealously, envy and comparison. This wounded feminine energy is often hidden, even from the woman herself, only to raise their ugly heads when a woman is triggered by another woman’s success.

  • A scroll past a friend who has been featured in the press – “why did she get that? I could do that so much better” is the internal dialogue.
  • A photo from a friend and her beautiful family –  I can’t bear to look at it, you think as you quickly put on a shit-eating grin and say something insipid like “how nice for you”
  • The success of a launch for an esteemed colleague – It’s not fair you cry inside as you bitterly compare your results.
  • A woman looking beautiful, sensual and goddess-like – who does she think she is? you think smugly to yourself.

Judged, juried and executed.

Wounded feminine energy women, who are deemed more successful that you, also feed into this comparison and jealously by having a edge of “I have to be on top”, “I have to win” or “I have to be the best”. Their ego actually secretly loves to see you squall as you admit defeat that you are simply not good enough, compared to them.

On some level, all women are aware of this and so a lot play down their light, their beauty and their power in order to fit into a wounded feminine sisterhood, that serves nobody.

And then, the shame of this wound keeps it hidden, so it cannot be healed. The shame off it, makes the you feel even more unworthy – creating a cascading descent into the abyss of self-loathing and hatred.

We’ve been conditioned to hate ourselves, to internalise misogyny, to feel damned and wretched.

And this is the wounded feminine energy at her best – trying desperately to counter this deep inner hatred, by proving that somehow she is enough. An inner war, where no-one wins. As it swings in a pendulum from self-hatred to trying to prove she is enough.

This is the key over-arching inner dialogue that creates the wounded feminine – I am not enough is her inner mantra. And so then, desperate to feel enough, she goes outside of herself in order to somehow prove she is enough.

Because although we have this internalised misogyny, we have an externalised “we’ll be good enough when I have ALL OF THIS” projection. Meaning, we will be good enough when we have all the men, all the wealth, all the success, all the titles, all the accolades, all the… and the list goes on.

The truth is, none of this external stuff will ever be enough…. because what you really are searching for… is your own light and beauty. That is within.

To feel your inner fullness, to allow yourself to feel loved. Isn’t it funny how “you’re full of yourself” is a put-down, when that is exactly what we should be?

Enjoying, relishing and valuing our own inner light and beauty? Instead of all these external things that are deemed to make us beautiful, worthy and valuable.

And that was the clever switch the patriarchy created, switching us from our internal world of fullness, power and light to make sure that we never felt it by making it a pot of disgust, hatred and shame. And then, to line their own pockets. Creating a whole industry and culture where woman are chasing the bright lights of you’ll be enough when you

buy this product,

do this education,

have this man,

be this slim definition of what beauty is,

have this wealth,

have this address.

etc etc

It is time to take our power back, to begin healing the wounded feminine energy within so that we can create the sisterhood – because when women come together, in true solidarity, in their wholeness and fullness, a Evolution will happen.

My own journey with healing the wounded feminine took several months

– months where I unravelled the war against myself, where I called back all of my beautiful divine feminine energy that had been lost through a lifetime of trauma – because that is what every woman experiences right now in this culture, a culture where a whole woman is despised. When that completed itself, I remember a defining moment… I walked into a conference room with 100 women entrepreneurs… and I noticed that I WAS there – present in my body, feeling comfortable in my own skin, not feeling the need to say something, to prove something. Just There. And the internal dialogue was not looking up and down other women, judging what they were wearing, it wasn’t checking who was successful and feeling envious, it wasn’t not feeling enough. It was simply I AM. I am that I am that I am.

And that is true beauty personified. Honouring yourself, in this body, in this moment, in this light.

When you heal your wounded feminine energy, can you imagine how it would feel?

– To know you are deeply worthy and valuable just because you ARE. Not because you do or be something to get that approval?

– To allow yourself  to feel the love, fullness and vitality of your light rushing around your body, bringing energy and radiance to every cell. Where you are literally glowing and feeling happy to simply be alive?

– To feel joyous about your creations, whether its a new business, new product launch, new creative endeavour? Where self doubt and worry simply do not exist?

This is available to all women. When you heal your wounded feminine energy. Reach out to me for details or check out this link: https://kellymorgan.tv/live-life-on-your-terms/

Love Kelly


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