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My mission in life is to activate the divine feminine fields of consciousness and to reconnect women to this frequency to welcome home the Goddess within. I do this by helping you evoke the divine power of the feminine that is laying dormant within you – much like Sleeping Beauty.

What I offer is a serious pathway of initiation into the Goddess Essence of who you are. I focus on the Goddess because she has been missing for several thousand years.

  • This is you stepping into your ultimate power


  • This is you remembering all that you are and re-birthing that into your service to the world


  • This is you utilising the beauty of the divine feminine qualities, such as beingness, intuition and tapping into the unmanifest potential to help you create more with ease & grace.

My personal journey to the full embodiment of the Goddess hasn’t been easy, navigating a patriarchal workplace in a private bank in London, setting up a successful retreat business, and twin flame narcissistic relationship initiation into my full power.

So I have forged a new pathway for others to walk.

I have trained deeply in the Mystery Schools Traditions, Shamanic Arts, Womb Awakening and I am a certified coach and healer and I have helped hundreds of women awaken to the beauty of their inner Goddess.

When women awaken their Goddess within:

1. they suddenly feel a sense of really loving and being liberated from past conditioning, as Annabel said “ This is for anyone who is ready to permanently break and release old, unhealthy habits and beliefs that do not serve, to break any conscious and subconscious chains and conditioning that bind and imprison, to fall fully into unconditional love, acceptance and support with themselves, and to step fully and irrevocably into their full power.”

2. They have a deep knowing of their true essence and what they want to birth in the world, as Naomi said “I believed Kelly when she said by the end of the 6 months you will know yourself from the inside out, that you will birth yourself fully.  Yet I can actually say that it is true.  I birthed my business by birthing myself. I recommend every woman who knows she has something more inside of her but can’t put her finger on it, to do Kelly’s Divine Feminine work.

3. They magnetise what they desire faster and easier, like Lenka “…working with you, I had the most in flow multiple six figure launch to date, with record cash flow and revenue and incredible quality of clients”

4. They actually start to freaking enjoy their live – truly and genuinely, without striving for the next thing all the time, as Ann said “Clearing unprocessed emotions, conditioned patterns and stuck trauma has given space for so much joy to flow. I’m smiling even as I write this, it is such a gift to re-connect with who I truly am. Yes, working with Kelly is an invitation to come home to who and how we have longed to be – and there is no endpoint, life keeps getting easier and more full of grace”

Women have described working with me as:

“Kelly has been my Grandmother, my Mother, my Midwife and my Sister through it! 🙂

“Kelly is a combination of earth mother, spiritual mentor and kick-ass business/life coach! These things are all entwined and co-dependant so need to co-exist and it’s unusual and wonderful to have these skills in one woman!”

“Thank you, Kelly. You hold space with such integrity and love, so much healing and transformation is possible.”

“Thank you so so much for the work you are doing with us! This is extremely powerful, holy knowledge and practices. I know now, what I was waiting for my whole life! Every single woman should participate and start reclaiming her sacred power.”

I am honoured by the depth of work that comes through me and I am so grateful to share this deeply sacred work with those who answer the inner calling to their Goddess.

My work is not where I will tell you how to run your business, fix your relationship or earn more money. It is also not fairy-assed, dancing in the woods and dressing up as the maiden goddess.

As I said, it’s a serious path of initiation into the Goddess – realising yourself as fully divine and the power that you truly hold within you. Which is done through inner Gnosis, with me as your guide.

If you are ready to truly embody the Goddess within – then take a look at my private mentoring here:

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