The Time of the Dark Goddess

What a Powerful Inanna Descent we are in right now

I feel strongly that this is the time for our oldest, most difficult patterns to surface.

We are being Called

To Descend into the Darkness of our Shadow

And to look right into the eyes of the aspect of self that is destruction

That is desperately calling for Love and attention

Do not miss this opportunity
To integrate and come into wholeness with all aspects of your being

This is the time to do the deep inner work
So that your foundations are built on the fullness of self, the acceptance and unconditional love of the self.

It’s certainly not an easy ride
But it can be the most rewarding!

But you need courage and bravery to go into the dark
And perhaps a loving guide 😉

And to release all the patriarchal conditioning that has you scared of death and darkness.

Because what the patriarchy is trying to scare you off from, is your most powerful self. The power to birth worlds, the power to transmute ANYTHING and the power to embrace all of life and it’s cycles.

🖤 The Dark Goddess 🖤

I’ve had clients journey with me to their inner goddess, within their wombs. And what they have seen has surprised the hell out of them.

Because the maiden goddess with her flowey hair, flowers and floaty dresses was not there.

No, there they discovered
Whirling Devish
And all the emanations of this great powerful goddess.

If you are ready Step into your Ultimate Power as The Goddess, To Create from the Portal of Life and Expand your Capacity to Receive.

Reach out to me for private mentoring.

Love Kelly

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