Activate Your Divine Feminine Blueprint

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Activate Your Divine Feminine Blueprint


Group Program

To live in your intuitive power, harness the creative energy of the Universe and leave self-doubt, stress and struggle behind forever to live with ease and excitement

You want flow, ease and you know deserve it. You know there is something magical in tapping into your feminine intuition to have even more creativity, success and in fact more of everything!

And yet you struggle still. Yes, you’re successful but it’s from grit and hard work and making it all happen. You’re a frigging superstar at that! But imagine for a moment if you allowed everything to come to you with ease and grace?

Imagine if you could sit back, really honour yourself, your inner beauty and own creative powerful forces?

That would be powerful, right? Your success would come with ease, you would create from a place of joy and abundance and you would freaking enjoy it!

Welcome to Activate Your Divine Feminine Blueprint

The place where you are going to shed all the conditioning of what holds you back so that you can step into your own divine femininity.

I’ve helped many many women now break free from toxic relationships, unhealthy over-giving patterns and restore their enjoyment of their own inner beauty and intuition and goddess-like creative powers!

It took me years to find out what it really means to be a happy successful woman, experiencing many therapies, shamanic work, NLP, coaching, tapping and many methodologies that have helped me grow and I’m truly grateful. But womb work, this is where I found my deep inner feminine wisdom and the courage to live from it.

It’s a magical experience and you will be surprised to find, as you cleanse your wounds in the womb and heart, you will begin rediscover your own inner wisdom, and to connect to what it was that would truly make you feel happy, honoured and powerful.

Activate Your Divine Feminine Blueprint is a 6-part group course where you will connect to your womb, the centre of your feminine power and then cleanse all the experiences and conditioning that have got you disconnected from this power. In this cleansing a powerful restoration occurs of your divine feminine blueprint – that part of you that knows all, sees all and experiences all. And when you start to connect and live from that you become a powerful goddess-like creator who enjoys her experiences.

By the end of this program you will feel:

Excited about your creations
You will see incredible projects come to fruition – with ease, grace and flow

in the most beautiful, humbling way
more calm, collected & whole

Connected to your own divinity, where you will feel
more expansion
more potential
more light
more love

More intuitive, enjoying
more internal guidance
& less going around inside your head

To let go on effort-ing
less working hard & stress
more being
more receiving
more trusting

More womanly, enjoying
your femininity
your sensuality

As Isabelle said…

“Wow… I thought I was going to connect to my feminine power but I didn’t really fully expect just how powerful it was going to be! I feel totally cleansed of so much conditioning telling me how I was meant to be and keeping me stuck in a box of a good girl.

Now I know, I actually know what I am, how beautiful and amazing I am and I’m honouring that. That sacredness. Beyond everything else. I have awoken to a deeper truth about myself that has changed everything. How I charge, how I create, how I live, how I interact with people. I’m so blown away.

I know that I am love, that I am worthy and that I have an incredible resource of creation inside of me. I act from my highest self, my highest potential most of the time now. I am so happy and grateful to do this course. I now honour myself at the highest regard and so does everyone and everything around me.

I feel like a totally different person. My life now has depth, real depth. I go within to seek the answers I need and I get them and I know that they are my truth. I create with love and honour and gratitude and I no longer worry at all about the outcome. I know. I trust. I am loved.”

What’s included:

6 x 1.5 hours group sessions where we go through the practices to release all the conditioning and step into your feminine blueprint

Full recordings all of the sessions so that you have the practices for life

Private Facebook group to get support and ask questions from Kelly and your sisterhood

1 x private session with Kelly at the beginning to personalise the experience

Dates and times (CET) are (all sessions are recorded)

Friday 30 Oct
1 – 2:30pm

Friday 13 Nov
1 – 2:30pm

Friday 20 Nov
1 – 2:30pm

Friday 27 Nov
1 – 2:30pm

Friday 4 Dec
1 – 2:30pm

Friday 11 Dec
1 – 2:30pm

Aleksandra said…

“She guides you through the woo woo, and makes it grounded and tangible, whether you’re ‘spiritual’ or not. There’s something about meeting other women, and speaking about things you don’t usually have the sphere for, very empowering, and also interesting.
This course helps all sorts of women to reflect on feminine power, and our inner strength, and what may be blocking or affecting that.
A series of guided meditations (with visualisations that I personally found very useful), as well as a chance to tune in with our feelings and express them (even if you don’t think you’re very good at that), is in many ways liberating and enlightening.”

The Result?

This work has helped many women:

▾ Enjoy their femininity, their sensuality and their deep wisdom and power

▾ Have a deeper connection to who they truly are and what they want

▾ Create a stronger sense of self-worth and self-respect

▾ Have a stronger sense of personal boundaries



Doors open until Tuesday 20th October at midnight








Apply today

Investment: £1497 or 3-parts of £599 each.

I’m only welcoming 12 women to this course so that you get fully personalised support.

Apply now by clicking the button below.


Investment: £1497 or 3-parts of £599 each.

I’m only welcoming 12 women to this course so that you get fully personalised support.

Apply now by clicking the button below