Activate your Divine Feminine Blueprint

Private Mentoring

Activate Your
Divine Feminine

Private Mentoring

“I feel it’s time. it’s time to figure out what femininity really is and help myself connect, embody and live from it. I want to enjoy my sensuality, my sexuality and love fully being a woman. Somehow I know I am scared, I know it’s special to be a woman and yet I don’t fully know what that means, but I sure would love to.”

I know how you feel, we live in a man’s world where it’s hard to fully express who we are as a woman, to feel safe in expressing all that is and not getting stuck in trying to keep up with the boys.

How would it feel to finally:

  • Stop playing small and keeping your light in to make everyone else feel ok.
  • Stop saying yes ok and when really you mean “no way” but you keep quiet and do it anyway.
  • Stop playing the strong one who has to take care of everything, keep her chin up and carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. 

Welcome to Activate Your Divine Feminine Blueprint Private Mentoring – the place where you are going to shed thousands of years of what it means to be a woman so you can finally step into your unique feminine power, fully own it and enjoy living from it.

I know what it means to conform, I spent years trying to be the good girl and keep everybody happy. I assumed their happiness would create mine. I was wrong.

No-one can take care of your needs like you can. I am a fully certified womb awakening practitioner, and I’m here to help you fully connect to your centre of feminine power and live from that power like no-other.

As Isabelle said…

“Kelly’s divinely gentle and powerful presence has helped me move towards more cleansing, more clarity of what truly matters and more honouring of my sacred souls and bodies.
May this work spread all over the world and help the current move to a new world where the feminine qualities are respected and called for. Where a halt is called for, for all woman to stop being manipulated and dominated. And perhaps more importantly for women to stop allowing themselves to be dominated, to stop neglecting themselves and “under-valuing” themselves. A new world where men open up to feminine qualities, where women honor their blessed talents, and where the masculine and feminine can be re-united on an equal foot and work in a beautiful synergy.”

Awaken Your Divine Feminine Blueprint is a 9-step program where you will connect with your feminine power, clear out all the conditionings that keeps you conforming and help you to fully step into living from your feminine power. And when you do that – oh my you know you are the queen of your world!

In this program you will:

▾ Learn to communicate your truth and deep desires
▾ Connect to and trust your intuitive power more and more
▾ Heal your relationships and relax into your feminine more
▾ Feel alive, whole and in love with your body
▾ Lean into the safety of the connection to the divine being that you are
▾ Which gives you that real feeling of personal power, grace and sovereignty.

This is for you if you’re:

✔ Open minded
✔ Have done spiritual / inner-work before
✔ Willing to share your real thoughts and emotions
✔ Willing to go deep into your unconscious pain to release it and restore your centre of your power
✔ You know that you have a calling to work with your feminine energy

This isn’t for you if:

✗  You love anal-ysing and staying up in the head
✗  You want to be fixed
✗  You are “just curious”
✗  You are experiencing trauma or PTSD that is making you feel overwhelmed
✗  You are pregnant – sorry but this work is too potent for that precious life inside of you 

Rachel said…

“I learned so much but that pales in comparison to what I FELT. The liberation of deeply stuck emotions and generational patterns facilitated in fully stepping into my inner sacred woman, and that has been so empowering”

Activate your sacred feminine power is a 9 part intensive program to go through awakening your womb power, including:

Part 1

Recognise, understand and connect to the 3 centres of feminine power

Part 2

Dialogue with the deepest creative part of you, the portal of life

Part 3

Learn how to harness specific healing light frequencies

Part 4

Clear distorted ancestral energy held within your DNA

Part 5

Heal the wounded masculine energy within you so that you are no longer carrying around his pain and feeling responsible for it

Part 6

Heal the wounded feminine energy within you so that you can connect again with your Sacred Feminine power

Part 7

Understand your sacred boundaries and learn to communicate them with grace

Part 8

Connect to the power of the mother within you for full-on self love and self worthiness

Part 9

Connect with the eternal mother to forever feel safe and supported as part of the whole universe

Here’s the thing: Once you activate your divine feminine blueprint you are going to become an unstoppable force in manifesting and owning the desires you so deeply wish and deserve.


£5,500 or 3x Monthly Installments of £2,000

I only work with 4 private clients at a time for this program so get in touch to see if there is availability


£5,500 or 3x Monthly Installments of £2,000

I only work with 4 private clients at a time for this program so get in touch to see if there is availability

Aleksandra said…

“She guides you through the woo woo, and makes it grounded and tangible, whether you’re ‘spiritual’ or not. There’s something about meeting other women, and speaking about things you don’t usually have the sphere for, very empowering, and also interesting.
This course helps all sorts of women to reflect on feminine power, and our inner strength, and what may be blocking or affecting that.
A series of guided meditations (with visualisations that I personally found very useful), as well as a chance to tune in with our feelings and express them (even if you don’t think you’re very good at that), is in many ways liberating and enlightening.”

I know you may be thinking about some of these, so here’s the frequently asked questions.

How is this work different to what else is out there?

This work is unique in that you will be connected to your sacred feminine power right at the chalice level, your womb. We will do a mix of shamanic journeying in a woman’s circle, plus you will then have 3 months of private support and in-circle support to help you integrate this more powerful version of yourself – and start birthing your miracles. This mix of shamanic plus coaching is not available elsewhere and you have Kelly to guide you.

What is expected for me?

This is the place where you can turn up as YOU, without any masks or needing to be a certain way or keeping up appearances, you can relax into your own presence. I carry a huge unconditional love for where you are, what you’re processes are right now. I am not into judgement and right or wrong. I hold space for you in this unconditional love and that is powerful as it allows you to feel safe enough to open and transform. As a tough mama, I also won’t let you hide or pretend, you will be lovingly challenged. I only want women who really want to do the work, not spectators.

How am I going to feel afterwards?

You are going to be so connected to yourself in such a deep way that you’ve never probably experienced before – you will feel like you’ve finally come home. And in that home, you are going to learn how to fill yourself up with love and worthiness – so that you’re are not seeking to fill your voids from outside. Then you are going to release, if you wish, thousands of years of conditioning of what it means to be a woman and a medicine woman for some and with this comes great freedom and lightness.
You are going to fully own your sacred space and run your lives from that space, creating many miracles.

Why should I do this with Kelly?

I do this work myself, I am on the path and I am not showing up as a beacon of perfectionism. I am the holder of this frequency, to share this deep work with you and to help gently guide you on your own unique path.
I have had a lot of life experiences that have helped me hone these practices, from realising I held this deep deep energy within me and not knowing what to do with it, to feeling my intuitive power and feeling overwhelmed by it and to over-giving my power again and again to others as I didn’t realise I can be my own vessel of love. I hold you in your highest potential to do this work for yourself so that you will own this work and your transformations. I am the guide.

Is it really worth it?

This program will gather and upgrade big souls who are here to do big work and I feel the impact will be far far reaching. You are going to learn how to manifest deeply from within yourself, not from your minds but within the natural order of the universe, of which you are at the centre. And when you connect to that power, goddess almighty, you will not doubt yourself! Being able to connect deeply with your intuition and live life more aligned with that, you will birth many creative projects..