Activate your Sacred Feminine Power

Women’s Circle

Activate your
Sacred Feminine Power


Miracles happen. In fact you are a miracle. More than that you can create and receive them.

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Miracles happen. In fact you are a miracle. More than that you can create and receive them.

You know you can feel it in your body. That gentle rhythm you that holds the potential of life.

It can frighten you and you’ve pushed it aside, you’ve tried to keep up with the boys, you’ve hidden your beauty and amazing light.

Some time ago, maybe eons ago you decided it was too bright and dangerous to show, so instead of celebrating your body as a vessel of intuition, love and creation, you closed it down.

Yet, you are a sacred temple.

You’ve ignored your true nature, silenced your desires and feel empty and you’re searching for something but you’re not sure why. You know it means more to be a woman than you presently see in the world. 

Activate your sacred feminine power – the portal of life.

Welcome to your womb:

You know the power that brings spirit into matter and births life into this world?

 Well, it’s your sacred temple and you can harness that power to create whatever you want. The journey to harnessing this power isn’t easy, it takes treading in both your light and dark side, embracing both and saying “I love you”. It takes clearing out centuries, even millennia of conditioning, oppression and the whole world telling you what you need to do to be a woman.

And when you make this temple space clear?

You know that you are the queen of your world.

People have to wipe their feet before they enter, or they simply get stopped 10 tracks before.

You have a voice that comes from within that is sooo strong, so powerful that no-one dares doubt you, especially yourself.

You command as you wish, and so it is.

You shine your light with grace.

You birth your creative projects with ease.

You are a chalice for your sacred feminine power.

simone said…

“She truly knows how to listen and creates a personal accompaniment for you. Whether you would love to work on boundaries, experience more the feminine and masculine energies, or maybe you would love to abandon ancient patterns and head for a new experience of communication, then I highly recommend”

In this program you will:

Connect with your true calling in life so that you finally feel fulfilled
Create magic every day from your vibrant creativity; for your work projects, your creative projects and also to birth a baby
Learn to communicate your truth and deep desires
Connect to and trust your intuitive power more and more
Heal your relationships and relax into your feminine more
Manifest your desires and release what’s holding you back
▾ Feel alive, whole and in love with your body
▾ Lean into the safety of the connection to the divine being that you are

This is for you if you’re:

Open minded
Have done spiritual / inner-work before
Willing to share your real thoughts and emotions
Willing to go deep into your unconscious pain to release it and restore your centre of your power
You know that you have a calling to work with your feminine energy

This isn’t for you if:

You love anal-ysing and staying up in the head
You want to be fixed
You are “just curious”
You are experiencing trauma or PTSD that is making you feel overwhelmed
You are pregnant – sorry but this work is too potent for that precious life inside of you 

Rachel said…

“I learned so much but that pales in comparison to what I FELT. The liberation of deeply stuck emotions and generational patterns facilitated in fully stepping into my inner sacred woman, and that has been so empowering”

The course includes 9 weeks intensive to go through awakening your womb power plus 3 months integration, including:

Part 1

Recognise, understand and connect to the 3 centres of feminine power

Part 2

Dialogue with the deepest creative part of you, the portal of life

Part 3

Learn how to harness specific healing light frequencies

Part 4

Clear distorted ancestral energy held within your DNA

Part 5

Heal the wounded masculine energy within you so that you are no longer carrying around his pain and feeling responsible for it

Part 6

Heal the wounded feminine energy within you so that you can connect again with your Sacred Feminine power

Part 7

Understand your sacred boundaries and learn to communicate them with grace

Part 8

Connect to the power of the mother within you for full-on self love and self worthiness

Part 9

Connect with the eternal mother to forever feel a safe and supported part of the whole universe

PLUS 3 months of integration including private coaching sessions and being together in-circle. This is to be a support and hold you accountable for changes in your reality and your physical life that must come into effect to reflect the changes in your inner being.


The dates and times are:

Every Thursday from 26th September to 31st November (9 sessions)
2-hour circle.

Dec, Jan, Feb

1st Thursday of each month
2-hour circle PLUS one private coaching session scheduled throughout the month.


As Isabelle said…

“Wow… I thought I was going to connect to my feminine power but I didn’t really fully expect just how powerful it was going to be! I feel totally cleansed of so much conditioning telling me how I was meant to be and keeping me stuck in a box of a good girl.

Now I know, I actually know what I am, how beautiful and amazing I am and I’m honouring that. That sacredness. Beyond everything else. I have awoken to a deeper truth about myself that has changed everything. How I charge, how I create, how I live, how I interact with people. I’m so blown away.

I know that I am love, that I am worthy and that I have an incredible resource of creation inside of me. I act from my highest self, my highest potential most of the time now. I am so happy and grateful to do this course. I now honour myself at the highest regard and so does everyone and everything around me.

I feel like a totally different person. My life now has depth, real depth. I go within to seek the answers I need and I get them and I know that they are my truth. I create with love and honour and gratitude and I no longer worry at all about the outcome. I know. I trust. I am loved.”

Introducing the pilgrimage option 
This includes all the deep dive program above PLUS: 

1. A once in a lifetime trip to Paris in late February.

Maybe you’ve been there before, but I promise you, never like this!

I am going to lead a group of women who have done this work to the sacred sites of Paris and Chartres (the home of the divine feminine) to do this work on a much deeper level. We are going to actually do this womb work at the sacred sites to help activate the land and restore the divine feminine once again in Paris. Paris used to be a homage to the Goddess Isis – Par – Is (Grove of Isis). We will explore the sacred sites, geometric patterns and do this work for ourselves and the land on a much much deeper level. Be prepared to be activated.

And because we’re women, we will also make sure to have the maximum girly fun, with a private visit to Champagne and Chanel and more!

2. A private ceremony, customised for you.

In this ceremony, we will dive deep into what your deepest desires are and I will custom-make a ceremony just for you to help you connect more deeply, get the answers your desire and the desires that you wish.

Hello, my name is Kelly and I help women activate their womb power.

My initiation into this work hasn’t been easy.

I had to face my biggest demon… this demon was outside of me for a while. I fought and fought and fought (luckily my name means warrior in gallic) but still this issue wouldn’t go away. Turns out? I thought I deserved it. I had a power so big inside of me that this freak was attracted to my light, to take it for themselves. And me? I felt like I needed to be punished for all the “bad” things I’ve done in my life so it was the perfect storm. This was so deeply rooted inside of me, it was hard to find.

When I healed that. That’s when I fully stepped into being a womb woman. A woman that activates people’s sacral chakra.


Before this I worked in corporate world getting the seeming glittery trophies and yet I felt empty inside, I have helped people find their life purpose and now this work takes that to a whole different level.

When this work awakened inside of me, it became an unstoppable force. I was on for the ride, no more pushing.

Now I have a beautiful tribe of women who are awakening to their true womb power, they are finally releasing themselves and their ancestors of the chains we’ve had put on us for being a woman, from stopping us accessing our own womb power.
Because when we women get together, magic happens.

For us, for the group and for the collective.

I’m doing this every single woman on the planet.

Because when we realise the power we seek is inside of us? We finally come home to ourselves.


Here’s the thing: Once you awaken your divine feminine power you are going to become an unstoppable force in manifesting and owning the desires you so deeply wish and deserve.

Claim your early bird spot before Midnight on 31st August








when you join the women’s circle experience you will receive:


9 week intensive to clear out conditioning, trauma and pain

(value: priceless)

3 months gathering in a circle of women & private coaching from me to integrate your power into your life

(value: priceless)

Access to your tribe of women for life

(value priceless)

Apply today

Your Investment: £6,000

(a payment plan is also available of 6 x £1,200)

Pilgrimage option

Your investment: £9,000

(a payment plan is also available of 6 x £1,750)

I’m only welcoming 9 women to this course so that you get fully personalised support.

Access is by application only – please get in touch by emailing kelly@kellymorgan.tv and to find out more and set up an application interview.


Your Investment: £6,000

(a payment plan is also available of 6 x £1,200)

I’m doing this for the planet option

Your investment: £9,000

(a payment plan is also available of 6 x £1,750)

I’m only welcoming 9 women to this course so that you get fully personalised support.

Access is by application only – please get in touch by emailing kelly@kellymorgan.tv and to find out more and set up an application interview.

Aleksandra said…

“She guides you through the woo woo, and makes it grounded and tangible, whether you’re ‘spiritual’ or not. There’s something about meeting other women, and speaking about things you don’t usually have the sphere for, very empowering, and also interesting.
This course helps all sorts of women to reflect on feminine power, and our inner strength, and what may be blocking or affecting that.
A series of guided meditations (with visualisations that I personally found very useful), as well as a chance to tune in with our feelings and express them (even if you don’t think you’re very good at that), is in many ways liberating and enlightening.”

I know you may be thinking about some of these, so here’s the frequently asked questions.

How is this work different to what else is out there?

This work is unique in that you will be connected to your sacred feminine power right at the chalice level, your womb. We will do a mix of shamanic journeying in a woman’s circle, plus you will then have 3 months of private support and in-circle support to help you integrate this more powerful version of yourself – and start birthing your miracles. This mix of shamanic plus coaching is not available elsewhere and you have Kelly to guide you.

What is the mix of group and private support?

I am going to bring together a powerful group of women – I always do, and the energy of the group is going to be an amazing real sisterhood. There’s so many women who feel alone and isolated in their physical realities as they are different, more intuitive and they know they have this special energy running though them. So you will get the support of a sisterhood which is priceless. Alongside that you will have private support from me throughout the program where I will provide intuitive guidance for you individually, plus you can message me privately and in the 3 months integration you will private sessions with me.

What is expected for me?

This is the place where you can turn up as YOU, without any masks or needing to be a certain way or keeping up appearances, you can relax into your own presence. I carry a huge unconditional love for where you are, what you’re processes are right now. I am not into judgement and right or wrong. I hold space for you in this unconditional love and that is powerful as it allows you to feel safe enough to open and transform. As a tough mama, I also won’t let you hide or pretend, you will be lovingly challenged. I only want women who really want to do the work, not spectators.

How am I going to feel afterwards?

You are going to be so connected to yourself in such a deep way that you’ve never probably experienced before – you will feel like you’ve finally come home. And in that home, you are going to learn how to fill yourself up with love and worthiness – so that you’re are not seeking to fill your voids from outside. Then you are going to release, if you wish, thousands of years of conditioning of what it means to be a woman and a medicine woman for some and with this comes great freedom and lightness.
You are going to fully own your sacred space and run your lives from that space, creating many miracles.

Why should I do this with Kelly?

I do this work myself, I am on the path and I am not showing up as a beacon of perfectionism. I am the holder of this frequency, to share this deep work with you and to help gently guide you on your own unique path.
I have had a lot of life experiences that have helped me hone these practices, from realising I held this deep deep energy within me and not knowing what to do with it, to feeling my intuitive power and feeling overwhelmed by it and to over-giving my power again and again to others as I didn’t realise I can be my own vessel of love. I hold you in your highest potential to do this work for yourself so that you will own this work and your transformations. I am the guide.

Is it really worth it?

This program will gather and upgrade big souls who are here to do big work and I feel the impact will be far far reaching. You are going to learn how to manifest deeply from within yourself, not from your minds but within the natural order of the universe, of which you are at the centre. And when you connect to that power, goddess almighty, you will not doubt yourself! Being able to connect deeply with your intuition and live life more aligned with that, you will birth many creative projects..