Feminine power

The Time of the Dark Goddess

What a Powerful Inanna Descent we are in right now I feel strongly that this is the time for our oldest, most difficult patterns to

Feminine power

More about Kelly

My mission in life is to activate the divine feminine fields of consciousness and to reconnect women to this frequency to welcome home the Goddess


Staying in an unhappy relationship

Staying in an unhappy relationship, or in fact staying in anything (like a job, house, commitment, friendship) where you don’t feel: 🙏🏻 Appreciated 💎 Valued

Self Care

Go into the weekend like a Goddess

Did you know that Friday is the day of the Goddess?It’s the day of VenusThe day to celebrate and honour your feminine. How delicious is

Feminine power

Feminine power turned on and off

Feminine power turned off ❌ looks like Trying to gain approval, validation and love from: ❤️ Your Relationships 🤑 Your level of Wealth ☑️ Your

Life Vision

Why its NOT a new year new you

I don’t know about you but I am sick of all these new year new you messages 👎 It just doesn’t feel consistent with everything