How to listen to yourself

Everyone always seems to be telling you what you should do, and maybe you even seek their advice because you’re not sure. And you can

Career or baby first

First of all, women are so harshly judged on whatever decision they take in life. I love this BBC2 Comedy Sketch that sums it up

How to start your own business
Career Change

How to start your own business

Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom is the main thing that my clients tell me they want when they are thinking of quitting the rat race to

Career Change

Finding out what your purpose is

Finding out what your purpose is… seems to become more important to people lately. As more and more people are finally seeing that what they

Life Vision

How to change life completely

How to change life completely ? I had to give some tough love recently to a friend “Stop hoping and praying that everything is going

Career Change

Being your own boss pros and cons

Often if you’ve worked in corporate a lot of your life it can feel daunting to think about being your own boss. It sounds like

Career Change

What could my career change be?

You get to a certain point in your career and think “Is this it?”, You’ve worked really hard, got reasonably far but it still doesn’t feel