Have the Confidence you want to create your WonderFULL Life | Kelly Morgan

Have the Confidence you want to create your WonderFULL Life

You want to feel confident, but do you have these little voices inside that say “you’re not good enough”,  “who do you think you are” or “you don’t deserve it”?

Know that, right now, these voices are limiting you from achieving your goals. 

They keep you stuck, and months or years can go by before you even dare to dream. 

Your deepest desires, wishes and hopes are ALL possible for you. And it all starts with knowing from the inside out that “I’ve got this”. 

This training results in:

  • Feeling clear of the negative voices and the things in your life that are holding you back – so that you feel lighter and brighter

  • Reconnection to that deeper part of you that knows you are powerful – so that you can tap into feeling confidence in any moment

  • Seeing your WonderFULL life become a reality as you know you’ve totally got this!

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Join me for in-depth support and personal guidance where I will walk you through each step to go from feeling low and shaky to high and mighty. Because you totally deserve this.

Here’s how it works:

There are 6 steps to building your confidence, I will provide detailed video training on each step:


Declutter your way to confidence – this is where you say bye-bye to all the stuff thats standing in the way between where you are now and where you want to be.


Your sacred space – this is where I will show you the importance of creating space for you, as by doing this you are affirming your worth to yourself and the universe.


Create some head space – detox the mind from all the negative thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you small.


Say bye to limiting beliefs – all of them. Using my simple and easy-to-follow technique you can use ANYTIME.


Own your power – you are already magnificent! This is deeply intensive exercise that will reconnect you to your own magnificence.


The habit patterns that change your world. This is where I will bring it all together so that you have practical tools to use every single day.

You will also receive these lovely bonuses:


A 24-page love-book with all the notes plus exercises to help you implement the training
(Value £53)


Access to my private Facebook group with live trainings, personal support & guidance
(Value £47)


A 30min one to one session with me to help you breakthrough any personal barriers
(Value £97)

Many of my private coaching clients were able to build their confidence and be courageous enough to go for their dreams, in-spite of having some fears. 

  • Once managed to shift the way she felt about her boss so that her hurtful words and the stress from work no longer had an effect on her – she could be back to her playful self!
  • One client completely shifted her mindset to rebuild her confidence to take the steps to build her own company
  • One client cleared out old feeling about a broken relationship that destroyed her self-esteem, meaning that she was able to feel good in her own skin again in herself
  • One client transformed her feelings of sadness and heart-ache from her childhood past to be able to set up her own business instead of continually accepting low-paid jobs

Working with each of them, I was able to reconnect them to their own power, clear out old beliefs and install new ones to build their confidence, clarity and playfulness for life again.

You can feel confident again and have that spring in your step and lightness in your heart, feeling like you’re the cherry on the cake – because you are!

Follow your heart not your dreamsI’m Kelly Morgan, and I work with people who want to make a big change (such as career change or moving country).  I help you do what you love as when you do what you love you enter an special state and your inner radiance shines through – like a star 😉

empower you from within so that you really KNOW yourself – then you can BE the real you and by being your authentic self, no matter what, you come to LOVE yourself deep down, inside-out, back-to-front. And in that state, you can live your most wonderful life full of grace and gratitude. I do this with clients in groups or 1-2-1 either online or on retreats!

I love my work because I have experienced a big shake up 6 years ago when my deep unhappiness drove me to quit my banking job and set up my dream life. I’ve been through the ups and downs and made it a success and I would love to share my service with people to help them connect to their dream, get rid of limitations and set a clear path ahead.

Now I am a fully certified Wellness Coach, NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner and Thought-Field-Therapist, together with my previous skills and life experience I just love to help people through transformation to create their WonderFULL Life.

My work is my life purpose so I am part of a social project called The Inner State which is has created a new set of human rights to enable people to find their unique and complementary talent to create a new worldwide dynamic.

When I’m not trying to make myself and the world a better place to live (hehehe) I love fancy dress, painting and having a good laugh at how seriously we take ourselves sometimes.

One of my favourite hangouts is my new Facebook group, where I share my top tips & insights to help you breakthrough and get your mojo back. I love to connect with you and also you will find some good #freebies there from time to time. Come say Hi…