F*ck off fear | Kelly Morgan

F*ck off fear

Living in fear of failure is horrible.

You’re just so freaking scared to make a mistake, especially like the last one you made.

So you stay paralysed… Analysing decisions and then you finally decide it’s better to stay stuck than to move forward.

As you can’t go THERE again.

What if there was another way to look at the world? A world in which everything went right for you.

Where you are able to move forward, FEARLESSLY?


This powerful training will help you:

  • Understand why you have fear, and how to face it head on. So that with this new awareness you can release it – and stop living in fear instantly. This will enable you to move forward COURAGEOUSLY towards the life you know that you deserve

  • How to get out of negative repetitive thought patterns that dominate your mind in a fun and light-hearted way. This way you can start having fun with your fears and realise that they are NOT who you are – that way your mind is free to focus on things going right

  • Neutralise any fears so that you’re not scared anymore and you don’t stay stuck. That way, you are not avoiding any change and you are going towards your goals FEARLESSLY

  • Re-frame your past mistakes so that you stop making yourself feel so guilty and stupid. That way you free yourself from all that past emotional baggage that is unconsciously ruling your life now and keeping you stuck. The lighter you feel, the higher you’ll go!the higher you’ll go!

  • Spend your time and energy on everything going right for you instead of everything going wrong. You will learn how to master your mind to help you create the life and dreams that you want to focus your time and energy on building these, instead of past mistakes

  • Create a fool-proof plan for life mastery, because sometimes our fears are there for a good reason. Some of those fears are alarm bells of what could go wrong, so without going down the rabbit hole of fears, you’ll learn how to plan for contingencies so you go forwards with your EYES WIDE OPEN and more importantly, your heart!

  • How to use gratitude to swan through life gracefully. Yes, we’ve all heard of being grateful, but here I’m going to show you how to be grateful for when the sh*t does hit the fan – and how to use it to your best possible advantage. This way, you’ll always be winning at life as you see EVERYTHING is happening for you and your path to greatness.

As Simona said:

Kelly helped me overcome my biggest blocks: insecurity and fear of failure. I reconnected to my vision and let go of the paralyzing “what ifs”. I understood I’m wasting my time asking myself the wrong questions. Now I can fearlessly move forward.

Ingrid said:

Kelly is helping me to finally focus on my goal and clean negative memories that have stopped me in my decisions…

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Join me for in-depth support and personal guidance where I will walk you through each step to go from feeling scared to change to taking your life in your own hands and going for it. Because you’ve wasted too long staying stuck

Here is how we are going to deal with the dreaded fear of failure, once and for all:


We are going to dig deeper into what those fear thoughts are and RELEASE them and then we are going learn how to flip our focus on what it is we really want.


Then, we are going to re-frame failure into something a lot more realistic and positive. Because you are allowed to make mistakes and most of the time your mistakes are you greatest learning points so that you grow!


And finally, we are going to really focus on gratitude and grace as a way to focus on what it that we really really want.

You’ll also receive these lovely bonuses:


A 15-page love-book with all the notes plus exercises to help you implement the training (Value £97)


Access to my private Facebook group where I provide live trainings and personal support and guidance (Value £47)


A 30min one to one session with me to help you neutralise any fears (Value £97)