Find your life purpose

Find your
life purpose

You want to live from your life purpose, to know what that is in your heart and soul, as you know you were put here on earth to make a difference.

You want to live life for you, instead of following the crowd of what “success” looks like, and you don’t want to feel bad about it.

You want to do your own thing, to be the commander of your life and to be free.

If you’re struggling with that question “is this it??” about your life even though it looks good on paper, chances are you’re not sure what will really make you happy.

The thing is:

  • People around you seem ok with their life so you think that you should just get on with it. You think you should be just grateful. But you can’t turn off that nagging feeling inside.
  • You want more, more fulfilment.
  • You’ve done so well in life and yet it isn’t filling you up.
  • You don’t really know fully what will make you happy. You longs to know what’s the key to real success, for you.

You will never be truly happy until you find out why you were put here on this earth. You can spend your life coasting along or you can explore the unlimited potential that is you now.

I’ve helped hundreds of women break free from the corporate doldrums and go on to create soul-led purposeful businesses that light them up every single day. I’ve helped them realise it is possible for them, shed all their limited thinking so that they could enjoy living in the sun, working their dream vocation, all whilst helping others. And me? My life has been completely transformed when I quit my banking job in 2011 to set up my first company in Ibiza, helping others to KNOW, BE and LOVE who they truly are.

Find Your Life Purpose is a 3 month private coaching program for women who want to know why they were put here on earth and actually go and bloody live from it, successfully.

Because living on a work-pay bills-sleep-repeat pattern leaves us feeling like we missed an entire world of fun at the end of our lives. We’ll dig deep and find out what your “this is it!!!” is, so you go to bed at night, full of gratitude because you’re doing what you were put on this Earth to do.

N, Dietitian

“I started working with Kelly at a time when I felt like I was drowning under work demands that were unrewarding.

The problem was, I also did not have any clarity on what my purpose was, what the bigger picture was. Working through numerous exercises with Kelly drew out some key themes and gave me the confidence to start talking about a vision I have had for many years but had been too afraid to talk about out loud.

Every session provided more clarity of what I love to do, what makes me happy and how to combine these into a job.

The content and homework I had access to is invaluable and I continue to refer to it when imposter syndrome takes over. I highly recommend working with Kelly and I not only consider her a coach but also a friend.”

by the end of this program you will have:

Clarity & vision

You’ll to know what you would really LOVE to do by uncovering all the desires hidden in your heart (especially for your career) and start working towards realising some of those dreams. Here we start to get to know the REAL you – the one you’ve keep covered when you’ve followed what you should be doing, instead of what you’d love to be doing.

Aligned your vibe & thoughts

By working on your mindset and energy to remove all limiting beliefs and past negative emotions that are unconsciously holding you back to create a deep sense of inner stability & authenticity (read: so you will freaking KNOW you can do this and move forward with ease).

Taken practical steps

Because there’s nothing like action to give you the confidence and the know-how to move forward, so we will co-create a plan with practical steps broken down into actions that you can power forward with.

What’s included:

1. Let’s Get Personal Questionnaire
and in-depth call to get to the root of what’s going on for you right now and create a clear direction to move forward.

2. One Hour Coaching Session Every 2 Weeks 

for three months to find out what your life purpose is and how to develop it – the place where your heart melts as you discover why you are here and how to express this in the world, successfully.

 3. Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Time Line Therapy™
to remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs so that you feel confident and fearless.

4. Support and Guidance throughout the program via messenger, WhatsApp or email
so that you don’t feel alone when you’re having a wobble and we work through your homework exercises together enabling you to transform quickly.

The Result?

Escape from hell and build a career that’s truly fulfilling
Deep-rooted belief in you and life again
Crush all fears and doubts that have, until this moment, stopped you from living the life you see in your dreams at night
Create a real sense of “YES! I’m FINALLY home!”
A plan that encourages you to take steps towards every dream you have

You’re ready for this program if:

  • You know that you are here to make a difference to the world
  • You’re open to spiritual inner work even though you don’t know fully what that is
  • You have lived your life fitting in the mould and you’re ready to break free

You’re probably not ready for this program if:

  • If you spend too much time up in your head analysing
  • You talk yourself out of stuff too easily and double-question yourself all the time
  • You think a life purpose is just for people that have “talent” like musicians and dancers


£4,000 or 3x Monthly Installments of £1,500

I only work with 4 private clients at a time for this program so get in touch to see if there is availability


£4,000 or 3x Monthly Installments of £1,500

I only work with 6 private clients at a time for this program so get in touch to see if there is availability

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