give up the good girl,


Free transformational 3-day program – a sneak peek into how awakening your feminine power really works!

21-22-23 October

Deep down, no matter how hard you try, however many wins you get, whatever you succeed at.

It’s. Never. Enough.

Because you’re so busy thinking about how you could have done better, been better and succeeded better.

When you have spent your life being the good girl /perfect girl all the money and success in the world will never be enough.

What if there was a way to enjoy your success? To relax, have fun and receive - with no guilt - no thinking how you could have done better - no looking forwards to the next goal and - no scolding yourself.

Start by clearing out all the old conditioning you learnt to be the good girl. Then you'll feel your own rich vastness from within, where you are more than enough.

And when you tap into that? Magic happens! You actually can create abundance easily, enjoy your success and download lots of creative ideas.

Join me in my 3-part program for FREE where I will share with you a sneak peek into awakening your feminine power, which includes:

Day 1: Why you never feel enough and how to connect to your own innate power so that you feel your delicious divine energy running through you - when you feel that you’ll stop self-doubt, I promise!

Day 2: Identify what patterns you have working inside of you and how to clear them out so that you free yourself for good = no more over-giving and never receiving.

Day 3: How to enjoy your divine energy, your many miracles which includes YOU, by the way, so that you can relax and enjoy your success.

feel more confident in being the true YOU

I’m Kelly, an activator to help women ignite their power, create their freedom and shine their light. I work using a magical mix of shamanic journeying, intuitive coaching and gentle guidance to help many women awaken their gifts for the world. Women who have done this work with me have finally got rid of the toxic relationships, started up that dream business they never had the guts to do before and relaxed into their success so that they could actually finally enjoy it!

“Kelly’s divinely gentle and powerful presence has helped me move towards more cleansing, more clarity of what truly matters and more honouring of my sacred soul and body.”

–  Isabelle

“She guides you through the woo woo, and makes it grounded and tangible, whether you’re ‘spiritual’ or not.”

– Aleksandra

“Oh my god, that was powerful. Wow, I didn’t expect that”

– Susie

"It was relaxing and it was very nice to take this time for myself and to realize again that I am a w-o-m-a-n (and how great it is to be so!)."

– Daniela

Ready To say Goodbye to the Good Girl for Good?