Goddess Overflow

For the successful woman who battles with imposter syndrome and wants to break through her glass ceiling to fully embody and enjoy her success!

You will receive Instant Access to this 3 part mini course plus a powerful toolkit all for only £33.

Have you found yourself bumping up against a glass ceiling when it comes to your wealth frequency?

Do you have high standards that leave you feeling fed up and tired with trying to control everything?

Do you battle with imposter syndrome, despite having the success that says you shouldn’t?

Working with successful women,

I’ve noticed that they’ve energetically put a cap on their success. And this is because they’ve been operating from their Masculine and they’ve completely closed off their Divine Feminine energy, the part of them that opens the floodgates to infinite worthiness and holders of wealth.

You are a successful woman
you are a goddess
you are infinitely worthy
you are a miracle
it's time to claim your overflow of wealth

How would it feel to embody that?

Welcome to Goddess OVERFLOW.

A 3 day training and activation to help you do just that.

“In this blueprint course I somehow opened up to one long time friend.. I never saw him as a partner and all of the sudden energy changed. Now he is treating me like a queen I never experienced this before. I was crying of joy for three days. We are getting triggered of course but we communicate. This is first time for me. Before I was toxic as hell .. So .. this is my personal experience. Beyond expectations. Also when I am back in my old way of thinking fears and dramas with your help I practice switching the energy to the feminine and womb space. Sooo. Thank you lots. ”
Maya testimonial

This is how we are going to Activate Your Goddess OVERFLOW


Let’s face it, your success has come from hard work – the blood, sweat, and tears, hasn’t it? 

If you don’t feel worthy, you will never receive your desires with ease; and this is a deeply conditioned program that so many successful women I’ve worked with are running.

I know you secretly say to yourself “It’s not going to happen for me” or “I am going to be alone forever, working forever, striving forever” or “I am not good enough for my ultimate success – that must be why! Because I did everything and it’s still not fully happened for me yet”. The imposter syndrome runs rife and it holds back your deepest desires to come forth with ease.

In part 1 we will release this old conditioning and help you step into the miracle that you ARE – on a very visceral basis. You will feel forever transformed knowing that you are a walking, talking magnificent being. 

Your worthiness? It will be on OVERFLOW!


Your inner Goddess is waiting for you to connect with Her – and she has soooo much intuitive power, deep desires, and your sacred purpose locked within her. No longer will you second guess yourself as your intuition leads the way and she never gets it wrong. With your purpose unlocked, you will never doubt yourself as you take aligned action that will effortlessly bring your creations to fruition without the very masculine hustle and push!

In part 2, we will connect to your inner Goddess, her power, and awaken your deepest desires. Your desire force will go into OVERFLOW!


Fear and control stop the abundance flow. The ego-self is so damn scared that plans won’t work out and desires won’t come to us, that it goes into overdrive trying to control every single outcome – and you know what happens there..

In part 3 I will help this part of you step right out of the way and surrender to the infinite possibility available. Yes, I know! Imagine the expansive feeling in your body when you truly know you’re unstoppable – this is the missing link to supercharging your success AND you get to enjoy it!

You will be in OVERFLOW of abundant energy

Activate Goddess OVERFLOW TooLkit

Includes a meditation, affirmation audio and a pdf blueprint guide

Goddess Overflow Video

Goddess Activation Meditation

Helps you connect to the Goddess within and feel her infinite power.

Goddess Affirmation Audio

to remember your infinite worthiness & magnificence.

Goddess Overflow PDF

Goddess Activation Blueprint PDF guide

to show the way of fully activating your goddess within.

Kelly Morgan in hieroglyphic


A living library of wisdom and power, Kelly has been able to remember and integrate many past lives as a wisdom keeper, activator of Kings and Queens and holder of the Chalice light codes. Here now in this special time in 'herstory' to usher in a new Golden Age. An age where leaders are connected and activated to their divine selves, where they lead for others with love and compassion and have the depth and richness to help this evolution flow with the cosmic currents.

You see, what we are missing in life is the Mystical. The Ancients of past had this wisdom to grow their civilizations and enterprise, after the great fall and with many failing in between we’ve created a world based on distortion and disconnection to the spiritual self – because that is where the true power lies.

Kelly has studied deeply in Mystery Schools Traditions, Shamanic Arts, and Womb Awakening – all tools that have awakened in her own wisdom. She now works with leaders to awaken and integrate their wisdom for them – to help them realize their greatest mission on earth and to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

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