Upgrade your entire frequency, activate your soul power & realize your greatest vision on earth



Do you feel like you’re on the edge of something massive, like a great illumination is underway?

You feel it sometimes, like a flicker in the corner of your eye, a deep movement coming from the depths within, a current of energy so full of GRACE… could this be what you have been searching for?

You’ve achieved so much…the SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS, the wealth, lifestyle of dreams

… and yet the itch is still there, for more…

Depth, meaning and mystery

You desire to pull back the veils, to be draped in the AWE of the Universe and to fully play your part as a change-maker.

Let me invite you to Illumination…

Expand into the Depths

Dive into the MYSTERIES

Allow the meaning of the Universe to pulse through your veins

"Working with you is priceless...there's was always a part me of checking if I am doing enough, producing enough, if I am enough, and that has completely left my awareness since working with you.
Since working with you, I am not just back in flow. I am now in the next level of FLOW and properly on the path of what I am here to do, my true path. I know my business is an extension of my SOUL, my team shared some tears of gratitude on what we are doing and we're super excited about what's to come.
You support change makers to bring what the world is asking for in greater flow.
As a coach you have it all:
1 - you can hold a huge vision
2 - you can hold huge ego and help to transform
3 - you are incredible intuitive which was translated into my work
4 - the journeys and activations are amazing
and you are a very nice woman, I feel loved and supported in this program"
Lenka testimonial
Lenka Lutonska

Embrace the Call of Your Soul, Unleash Your Full Power

Envision a symphony of vibrant colors swirling around you, each hue representing a facet of your TRUE POTENTIAL. 

With every step forward, imagine the ground beneath your feet, firm and supportive, empowering you to take bold strides towards your DESTINY.

As you embrace this journey, feel the surge of passion coursing through your veins, igniting a fire within you that fuels your AMBITIONS.

Inhale deeply and savor the scent of OPPORTUNITY and growth, mingling with the aroma of accomplishment.

Exhale, releasing any doubts or fears that have held you back, allowing your soul’s essence to permeate every fiber of your being.

As you open your eyes, visualize a tapestry of SUCCESS unfolding before you, woven with threads of purpose, meaning, and fulfilment.

This is your invitation to step into your full power, to channel your UNIQUE BRILLIANCE and impact the world with your gifts.

Now in this moment, make a choice…

Trust the innate wisdom within you, and with a deep breath, take that first step towards a future where your soul’s guidance leads you to unimaginable heights of success.

It is time to embrace the symphony of your soul, to initiate into your full power, and to create a legacy that resonates through time.


This is the Way of the grand ancient civilisations

who initiated their leaders to be the divine counter-part on earth, a way that has been suppressed for millennia.

A way that is led by Sacred Purpose

where you are Fully on Power and able to realize your wildest vision for the world.

The thing is, you have been in an old paradigm, a patriarchal order, where only logic, reason, organizing and structuring have led the way.

Leaving the soul thirty for more… as it seeks the Sacred Why that the feminine frequency brings.

The patriarchal thirst for growth has made it disconnected to the sacred purpose – to what end is all this growth?

Be the fully initated leader

You’ve created a multiple success in business and life and now you’re ready to step into a new soul-lead DESTINY that your soul calls you for.

Welcome to Illumination


Purpose-Driven Success:

With your soul at the helm of your business endeavors, success takes on a whole new dimension. It transcends mere financial gains and becomes a reflection of your purpose and fulfilment. Every achievement becomes a testament to the alignment of your values, passions, and aspirations, creating a profound sense of emotional satisfaction.

Awakening Your Soul Power:

Tap into the limitless power of your soul, unlocking your hidden potential and realizing the magnitude of your own capabilities. Embrace the enigmatic aspects of life. You will feel empowered you to embrace your authentic self and step into a life where miracles become possible.

Legacy and Impact:

Empowers you to leave a lasting legacy and make a significant impact through your business endeavors. It provides a sense of fulfilment that extends beyond personal achievements, knowing that you are positively influencing the lives of others and leaving a meaningful imprint on the world.

Amplified Confidence:

Instill an unwavering confidence in your abilities and decisions as a leader. This inner knowing and self-assuredness radiate outward, attracting opportunities, partnerships, and success. You exude a magnetic presence that inspires trust and admiration from both colleagues and clients.

Inner Peace and Contentment:

Knowing that you are on the right path and contributing to something greater than yourself nurtures a deep sense of fulfilment. You experience a profound calmness within, even amidst the challenges and pressures of the business world.

temple of isis
“The shifts I have felt in my life have been profound. I have experienced a life defining moment that opened up my business and energy for more. I have doubled my business to multiple six figures and created beautiful containers that really light me up. Kelly has helped me through some personal transitions that have helped me feel ready to explore life with a huge smile on my face, an open heart and lots of excitement." 
Sarah testimonial
Sarah Negus
"I've experienced a life defining moment ..."

How it works



Cultivate your SOUL POWER, strength the chalice of light and wisdom that you are so that you can release the pearls of wisdom stored inside of you – latent power and energy that is waiting to be expressed. Because the more light you hold, the more you can be a way seer for others.


You become the alchemist – so that your human self is onboard with your higher self vision, where all your deepest wounds and secrets can be alchemised so that you feel whole and wise in all that you have experienced. A healed healer.


Connect and develop the wisdom within you – the wise elder who is there to guide you. The more you expand, the more wisdom and space for transformation you can hold and share with your clients and the world. You will receive deep wisdom & activations from a living mystery school, which will invoke inside of you your own deep Re-Membering – we all have a piece of the puzzle to contribute to this new world we are creating.


These are about your work, your mission and how to fully realise it. A mentoring process so that you have a sounding board on what you are birthing, the strategies you use to do it and what your higher self is calling you to realise now. This is where you take the big bold moves to be all that you truly are, where you expand in a conscious way and beautifully welcome in the new.


When you are holding energy for a huge vision and a large number of clients, I will hold the energy for You. You need a trusted sounding board, an companion who walks by your side so that you are not alone as you model a new way of being, a new way of living and a new way for the world.

Mystery School Initiations

These are about sharing the wisdom of a living mystery school. Here is the initiates journey, to understand and activate what the ancients knew – wisdom and knowledge that was only shared with the Kings and Queens, the sacred leaders of the old world. This is where your leader codes get activated, where your wisdom gets Re-membered and you are able to add a depth and richness to your work like no other. Understand the workings of the universe, how those principles apply to your business, the sacred way of doing god’s work and the beauty and awe of our world. Some of the principles covered, which will be channelled exclusively for you.

Some of these mysteries aren’t even covered in the scriptures, I have awakened inside of me a living library of sacred information that is ready to be shared with the advanced souls.



We will meet for a private in-person Ceremonious Day, to deep dive and catalyse your Activation. We will meet in Ibiza to initiate and activate your energy. 


Throughout this sacred journey you will have my support outside of our sessions, where you can reach out to me via WhatsApp, messenger or email. This is me being witness to your becoming, to help guide you when you can’t see the wood for the trees and to help you shepherd your flock.


And as you will be with me for the entire year you will have access to all my activations, group programs and material that I produce in the year. These programs contain powerful activations of your sexual power, your ability to miraculously manifest and deep wisdom to enrich your programs.

month by month

MONTH 1 - Connection to the mystery of you

And so we begin… to delve into the mysteries of you as the universe, in an embodied way. This will be a profound reconnection to the depth and breath of your being, in all dimensions. You will begin to experience yourself like you never have before  – a divine human.

MONTH 2 - Cleansing a lifetime of trauma

We begin 3 months of cleansing, releasing the blocks that limit your infinite potential, to remove the roles you’ve been playing to allow your true authentic self to shine

MONTH 3 - Cleansing the ancestral wounds

OH Ancestors, who came before, we honour you, we bow down to you and do what you could not – cleansing the dna of old traumas that have been passed down

MONTH 4 - Cleansing the multi-lifetime wounds

As an old soul, you will hold the wounds of being a wisdom keeper, a mystery school initiate, a holder of the sacred flame of truth. We will cleanse the bonds that kept you silent and cut off from your infinite flow of deep wisdom

MONTH 5 - Reconnecting to the Mother

The Great Mother has been vilified, demonised and repressed. It is time to rebuild a new relationship with the great mother, to be comfortable in your feminine energy and to be able to mother yourself and your flock

MONTH 6 - Into the depths of shadow

Become we rise, we must be willing to fall, to give up, to admit defeat. Defeat of the over-rampant ego who wants to control everything. You alchemise in the shadow, returning whole again

MONTH 7 - Rising again and remembering your soul wisdom

Become the morning star, arising from the depth. Draped in awe and radiant in light. We will recall all your spiritual power and gifts to be utilised in service for your legacy


MONTH 8 - Reactivating your soul power

The more soul power you hold, the more light you hold, the more you are a way-seer, a light-house, a beacon for others. We recall your wisdom so that you part in evolution can be fully realised

MONTH 9 - Soul power integration

Bringing down the spiritual into the body, into life, into business, into relationships. Defining what that means, how to integrate, how to live from this great wisdom in every day

MONTH 10 - Vision and mission

Creating your vision in joy, in remembrance of this is what you came to do, this is your soul purpose and this is how you wish to spread your message, touch the hearts of millions and help change the world

MONTH 11 - Magic and Manifestation

Allow the magic of your vibration to magnetise all  your desires to come into fruition. Crafting the art of manifestation so that the process becomes an unfolding, a joy, a loving dedication

MONTH 12 - Illumination

The full rising of you in your soul power, in a totally new frequency of wealth of spirit, wealth of energy, wealth of wisdom that can creates wonders in this universe. Answering the timeless question Who I Am and What Shall I become?

Kelly Morgan in hieroglyphic


A living library of wisdom and power, Kelly has been able to remember and integrate many past lives as a wisdom keeper, activator of Kings and Queens and holder of the Chalice light codes. Here now in this special time in 'herstory' to usher in a new Golden Age. An age where leaders are connected and activated to their divine selves, where they lead for others with love and compassion and have the depth and richness to help this evolution flow with the cosmic currents.

You see, what we are missing in life is the Mystical. The Ancients of past had this wisdom to grow their civilizations and enterprise, after the great fall and with many failing in between we’ve created a world based on distortion and disconnection to the spiritual self – because that is where the true power lies.

Kelly has studied deeply in Mystery Schools Traditions, Shamanic Arts, and Womb Awakening – all tools that have awakened in her own wisdom. She now works with leaders to awaken and integrate their wisdom for them – to help them realize their greatest mission on earth and to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

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Your Investment: EUR 47,000 – US $ 50,000

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