Upgrade your entire frequency & realize your greatest mission on earth.

A Living Mystery School & Activation of Your Royal Codes

This is an initiatory journey that takes you into a new frequency of the feminine
so that you can rebirth as a royal leader that you are.


This is not a strategy, coaching, mentoring program.

This is about upgrading your entire frequency so that you are rebirth into your next becoming.

You don’t think or strategize or plan your next moves for your mission to be realized. You become the frequency that your mission holds.

And in that becoming – ALL is realized.

"I can honestly say that it was the easiest, most in flow multiple-six figure launch to date, with record revenue and cash flows, and incredible quality of clients. I am 100% sure your work Kelly, hugely contributed to that, thank you. This program is for every woman who wants to release her full creative power."
Lenka testimonial
Lenka Lutonska
"... Record Revenue & Cash Flow"

This is the Feminine Way,

a way that has been suppressed for millennia.

A way that is led by Sacred Purpose, where you are Fully on Power and able to realize your wildest vision for the world.

The thing is, 

you have been in an old paradigm, a patriarchal order, where logic, reason, organizing and structuring have led the way. Without the Sacred Why that the feminine frequency brings. The patriarchal thirst for growth has made it disconnected to the sacred purpose – to what end is all this growth?

You’ve created a multiple 6 or 7 figure business and now you’re ready to step into this new paradigm as the Leader your soul is destined for.

That is why you are being called to step into a new leadership style so that we may build a new earth together.

We Live in Exciting Times,

you can feel the rising tide of new energies coming into the earth,

it almost feels like too much. (I hear you thinking…)

Could it really be it this time?

Could I be called online to fully realize the vision I share?


Do you have remembering of the lifetimes before

When rising up in your power led to trauma, persecution, death and destruction? All of these memories are contained within your cells, stopping you for fully stepping into all that you can be.

Perhaps recall the times ...

when your power was manipulated, syphoned off, where it was dangerous to hold your power and wisdom. And so you’ve hidden it from yourself, made vows to never fully hold all it. Segmented, it lies in different dimensions and feels just out of reach.

You have a passion for mystery

you know you hold so much wisdom. But it’s fragmented, confused and you are dying to know the whole picture, to be unveiled in complete truth of the divine. And then your higher self is calling you to do so much, the part of you who sees the vision, but down here on the 3D it seems harder to manifest. 

Because of traumatized human experience

a part of you that says “what the hell is this?” pointing to childhood trauma, human suffering, wounded leaders and wounded world. You have to heal the human experience, so that you may hold the higher self vision with grace and ease, instead of blocking it because a part of you has seen and experienced too much.

Be the fully integrated leader

The thing is, we live in a wounded world, one that has suffered so much from wounded leaders. Leaders that are unhealed, that are working from a distorted matrix of frequency and that are not living embodiments of what they teach. It’s time to become the healed, fully integrated leader so that you can activate your sacred powers and lead a new vision.

Welcome to Illumination

The place where your frequency gets upgraded to realize your greatest mission on earth

How do you tend to your light?

Cultivate your light, strength the chalice of light and wisdom that you are so that you can release the pearls of wisdom stored inside of you – latent power and energy that is waiting to be expressed. Because the more light you hold, the more you can be a way seer for others.

Holding your energy

When you are holding energy for a huge vision and a large number of clients, I will hold the energy for You. You need a trusted sounding board, an companion who walks by your side so that you are not alone as you model a new way of being, a new way of living and a new way for the world.


Expand your energetic container – with grace and ease so you that you serve more and receive more wealth, power and privilege. You will know how to hold the energy for a 6 or 7 figure launch or more and remove all the blocks that are stopping you from achieving that desire. How to hold the energy for transformation of thousands of clients without dragging you down.


Connect and develop the wisdom within you – the wise elder who is there to guide you. The more you expand, the more wisdom and space for transformation you can hold and share with your clients and the world. You will receive deep wisdom & activations from a living mystery school, which will invoke inside of you your own deep Re-Membering – we all have a piece of the puzzle to contribute to this new world we are creating.

Alchemize your vibration

You become the alchemist – so that your human self is onboard with your higher self vision, where all your deepest wounds and secrets can be alchemised so that you feel whole and wise in all that you have experienced. A healed healer.
temple of isis
“The shifts I have felt in my life have been profound. I have experienced a life defining moment that opened up my business and energy for more. I have doubled my business to multiple six figures and created beautiful containers that really light me up. Kelly has helped me through some personal transitions that have helped me feel ready to explore life with a huge smile on my face, an open heart and lots of excitement." 
Sarah testimonial
Sarah Negus
"I've experienced a life defining moment ..."

How it works

This is a 12 month initiation to upgrade your entire frequency so that your greatest mission on earth is realized.

We meet 3 times per month to cover the following:

Alchemize your vibration (value 9k)

These are about reclaiming your power. We will uncover what is in your shadow that is stopping you from fully embodying your power and heal and integrate it, for good. This is where your frequency gets upgraded and we expand the energetic container of how much wisdom, wealth and clients you can hold.

Expanding your container (value 9k)

These are about your work, your mission and how to fully realise it. A mentoring process so that you have a sounding board on what you are birthing, the strategies you use to do it and what your higher self is calling you to realise now. This is where you take the big bold moves to be all that you truly are, where you expand in a conscious way and beautifully welcome in the new.

Ceremony (value 1.5k)

Plus we will meet for a private in-person Ceremonious Day, to deep dive and catalyse your Activation. We will meet at Glastonbury, to Activate and Align with the heart lands. Here contains the Sacred Union codes of the unification of the heart. We will visit an ancient site, work with the land and then do a 3 hour deep dive with hands on activation.

If you choose to take advantage of the early bird offer, than this Activation gets extended to 3 days! See below

Support (value 6k)

Throughout this sacred journey you will have my support outside of our sessions, where you can reach out to me via WhatsApp, messenger or email. This is me being witness to your becoming, to help guide you when you can’t see the wood for the trees and to help you shepherd your flock.

Mystery School Initiations (value 18k)

These are about sharing the wisdom of a living mystery school. Here is the initiates journey, to understand and activate what the ancients knew – wisdom and knowledge that was only shared with the Kings and Queens, the sacred leaders of the old world. This is where your leader codes get activated, where your wisdom gets Re-membered and you are able to add a depth and richness to your work like no other. Understand the workings of the universe, how those principles apply to your business, the sacred way of doing god’s work and the beauty and awe of our world. Some of the principles covered, which will be channelled exclusively for you include:

The Ark of the Covenant – anchoring in a new relationship covenant with yourself as Divine, as the Lord & Lady of creation Embodied.

Sacred Union Holy Grail Codes – Cleansing, clearing and honouring the Body and bodies as a temple, enabling you to hold more light, wisdom and power to show up as a whole wise leader

King & Queen Raising – Full power activation. The raising of royalty, the reclamation of your status as a holy leader, able to faithfully led your flock into the new way of being.

Manifestation with the Magi, Miraculous conception and your ultimate power realised.

Some of these mysteries aren’t even covered in the scriptures, I have awakened inside of me a living library of sacred information that is ready to be shared with the advanced souls and new leaders of this world.

Bonuses(value 5k)

And as you will be with me for the entire year you will have access to all my activations, group programs and material that I produce in the year. These programs contain powerful activations of your sexual power, your ability to miraculously manifest and deep wisdom to enrich your programs.

Kelly Morgan in hieroglyphic


A living library of wisdom and power, Kelly has been able to remember and integrate many past lives as a wisdom keeper, activator of Kings and Queens and holder of the Chalice light codes. Here now in this special time in 'herstory' to usher in a new Golden Age. An age where leaders are connected and activated to their divine selves, where they lead for others with love and compassion and have the depth and richness to help this evolution flow with the cosmic currents.

You see, what we are missing in life is the Mystical. The Ancients of past had this wisdom to grow their civilizations and enterprise, after the great fall and with many failing in between we’ve created a world based on distortion and disconnection to the spiritual self – because that is where the true power lies.

Kelly has studied deeply in Mystery Schools Traditions, Shamanic Arts, and Womb Awakening – all tools that have awakened in her own wisdom. She now works with leaders to awaken and integrate their wisdom for them – to help them realize their greatest mission on earth and to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

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Your Investment: £24,000

payment plans also available

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