Embody the Goddess

If you are a woman who wants to go deeper into Embodying the Goddess – then join my Circle


Does this sound familiar…

I’m not actually fully sure on what I really want right now… I get pulled easily into different directions

I have success, but I don’t fully feel it, I was expecting a lot more so it’s all a bit “Is This IT?!”

I have A LOT of responsibilities and things buzzing around my head, I don’t feel like I can ever fully rest

I still have self-doubt and I’m quite critical of myself

there is a universal truth that's been hidden as a secret

And it lies within your Womb. You are Creator, You are here to Love, You have the ability to manifest anything you desire.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if…?

You feel amazing inside and out, loving all the parts of you

You feel totally worthy, of all that you desire with no questioning

You have this deep inner knowingness of what you want and that you know you deserve it – no more self doubt and questioning

You attract quality relationships – in dating, business and friends – relationships that enrich your life and affirm the amazingness that you are, rather than drain you

You know your sacred purpose and believe in your greatest vision and make it become realised

You expand your wealth, massively and abundance is received with grace and ease

this is all possible. when you embody the goddess within.

Cristina – the manifestation process has been so fast

One of the most beautiful discoveries I loved the most is how my divine feminine is fearsome – she really goes for what she desires. 

This is an Year-long initiatory journey into a living mystery school

One where you will learn how to embody the goddess within every aspect of your life.

Irene has fully stepped into her Goddess Power

There are no words to describe the power of this work! I felt the call and I answered it.

When You Join This Experience You Will Receive:

12 Months of powerful initiations

Step 1

Deepening Your Sacred Purpose

Knowing that you know that you know… what you are here to do and how to do it. Without the mental messiness. This means you stepping into the highest potential of You. Without fear.

Step 2

Feeling your deep inner worthiness

Your success is limited to how you feel about yourself, and this cannot be plastered over. It is time to feel the deep inner peace that comes from knowing you are so very very worthy – in every cell of your body. So you are literally dripping in radiant confidence.

Step 3

Developing your channel of wisdom

You have available to you wisdom that is sacred, that needs to be shared. Tapping into that wisdom means your voice and message become unique, stand out from the crowd and touch the hearts of millions.

Step 4

Building Wealth

How would it feel to be a wealthy woman? To have wealth, to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you can create wealth in any moment in time. Wealth is health, and it’s time to renounce any wounds that have you renouncing wealth.

Step 5

Love your body

Your dear body, that does so much for you, has suffered from the mean words and critiques that your saboteur says. Now is the time to realise your body is your best friend, and to build a new relationship with Her.

Step 6

Have deep and meaningful relationships

We all crave intimacy, to be really seen and to be really held as women. And yet we may push it away unconsciously, make do with dishonouring patterns and feel lonely. Let me show you how to have the relationship you so deserve now.

Step 7

Sensuality and sX magic

Release shame around your body and allow yourself to feel unending pleasures… there is so much more available to you that actually expands your wealth, business and relationships… when we begin to honour the home of the Goddess… The body and all the magic she has available. 

Step 8

Taking to the throne

You are Queen and ruler of your domain. Now it is time to step up onto the throne – the place where you are rightfully honoured in all domains of your life. This is where the fullest embodiment of the Goddess is a lived experience in every aspect of your life. She has arrived.


£6,000 for 12 months

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