For the Woman ready to step into her ultimate power, to open the infinite well of abundance and to realise her greatest vision for the world

There is a Universal Truth that’s been hidden as a secret

You've always had the power.

Are you ready to be fully initiated into yours?

You have been cut off from this power, which has left you struggling for your success instead of allowing it. You know it’s all you, but how to break free of the sabotage patterns and to realise your greatest vision?

You are the Queen of Strategy, now it’s time to become the Queen of your Energy.

This initiation is about upgrading your entire frequency so that you become the frequency that your mission holds. And in that becoming, all your wildest dreams become realised. 

You have a deep inner-knowing

in your bones of your potential to impact and make millions. 
You want to feel totally at ease in your power, and confident in shining and expressing your light.

Are you scared your success won’t happen for you this lifetime? You know you have great gift, and wonder why can’t people see it? Especially when you see others making such a success.

Do you find yourself easily getting into overwhelm as you have a lot of responsibility. You crave space and time for you.

Have you have hit an income ceiling and you just know it’s an energetic problem? You want to ensure you achieve your dreams and you’re tired of trying the same thing that doesn’t work.

What you need is the frequency of THE GODDESS, fully embodied within.

She holds the key to unlocking your abundance, expressing your deep wisdom from your intuition, and enjoying your success with ease and grace.

Lenka smashed her financial target with ease.

The work we did together to harness Lenka’s divine feminine, went deep into her shadow while working on her energy, created flow like she’s never experienced before! She smashed financial targets with ease and is now working towards an 8 figure business – all with a new level of inner peace she hadn’t experienced before working with me on her feminine energy.

This is a 6-month initiatory journey into the Divine Feminine and Masculine


Upgrade your entire frequency so that you can open the floodgates to abundance, up-level to stardom.
And feel infinitely powerful and worthy of all of your desires and more.

You wish to be able to


with ease and grace.

Here’s the thing 

Your fears and doubts that your big dream may not come true is what’s preventing them from happening.
You keep doing the same thing over and over!
Until you change your frequency, nothing externally will change.


You will ReBirth Your Sacred Mission

Your deepest purpose, your inner magnificence, the reason you are on earth now – now is the time to live your greatest potential and become the powerful Feminine leader that you are. Like Naomi, Amy, Ann, and Whitney who all birthed a deeper purpose as lightworkers that they are (see videos below 👇)

Sarah doubled her income in 4 months.

Open the floodgates to abundance and miracles – Double your income even into the multiple 6 figure business! Take your business to the next level, and expect many miracles – Like Ali who bought her dream house in the sun after 6 months which was on the 10-year plan! Or Sarah who doubled her income in 4 months.

Jeni had the confidence to quit her stressful corporate job.
You will have a deep inner knowing and resonance that everything is going your way, that you are on the right path and it will all work out. Feeling your infinite worthiness, your pricelessness, and belief in your projects, your desires, and creations. Jeni had the confidence to quit her stressful corporate job with zero-fear and lots of excitement about her future coaching business.

Call in the One

Or enjoy deep intimacy with your current partner – the more you get into your Divine Feminine, the more you call in the Divine Masculine, the one who cherishes, adores, and supports you. Another client has a new relationship after a 6-year drought 1 week after joining this circle, others have had much deeper intimacy, engagement proposals, deeper sensual connection – the list goes on!

You Will Be Glowing – Literally!

You will have cleared so much out of your system that your own inner light will shine through showing off your inner vitality, energy, and ready to take on the world with attitude! All of my clients finish this course with an inner radiance that is magnetic and attractive to all of their desires.

Kelly Morgan in hieroglyphic
Kelly Morgan, Feminine Success Shaman


A living library of wisdom and power, Kelly has been able to remember and integrate many past lives as a wisdom keeper, activator of Kings and Queens and holder of the Chalice light codes. Here now in this special time in 'herstory' to usher in a new Golden Age. An age where leaders are connected and activated to their divine selves, where they lead for others with love and compassion and have the depth and richness to help this evolution flow with the cosmic currents.

You see, what we are missing in life is the Mystical. The Ancients of past had this wisdom to grow their civilizations and enterprise, after the great fall and with many failing in between we’ve created a world based on distortion and disconnection to the spiritual self – because that is where the true power lies.

Kelly has studied deeply in Mystery Schools Traditions, Shamanic Arts, and Womb Awakening – all tools that have awakened in her own wisdom. She now works with leaders to awaken and integrate their wisdom for them – to help them realize their greatest mission on earth and to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

When You Join This Experience You Will Receive:

6 Months of powerful initiations

We will meet every week
for a mix of wisdom sharing, energetic upgrades, and personal mentoring.

(Value Priceless)

Gathering in a circle of women and mentoring
from me to integrate feminine in your life and rebirth your divine work.

(Value Infinite)

Access to your tribe of women for life.

(Value Immeasureable)



(payment plan is also available of 6x £1200)

Access is by application only – please get in touch through the button below to set up application interview

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