Initiate The Divine Feminine Within and Birth Your Divine Work

– Private Coaching –

Deep dive into who you really are as a woman, what YOU want and to birth your divine gifts into the world

Initiate The Divine Feminine Within and Birth Your Divine Work

Deep dive into who you really are as a woman, what YOU want and to birth your divine gifts into the world

Private Mentoring



What you’re looking for isn’t in your next pay raise
It isn’t in your next pair of Louboutins
The more you seek is in you
And the best part is?
You don’t have to sacrifice the things you love to have it

The lifestyle you want can still be there, even if the corporate office isn’t
The exotic vacations don’t have to disappear
But you don’t have to continue living a life that doesn’t fill you up to have them

Welcome to Initiate The Divine Feminine – where you will come to know what you really really want and how to make it a reality now

This is where you learn to ask one of the hardest questions out there:

What do YOU want?
Not what do your parents want from you.
Or your boss.
Or your partner.
What do YOU want?
Is it to LIVE fully and wide freaking open from your soul, traveling the world? To launch your service of love for humanity and the world?
Is it living and working from a place that finally feels ALIVE and ENERGIZED?
It’s ALL of those things.
Because they are all YOU.
You CAN have it all…everything you have now AND the peace of mind to live and work from a life that says, “YES! This is yours! Finally.”

Aleksandra, The Style Whisperer.

Finally changed her life direction, and moved from working with luxury fashion brands and high-end magazines, to working with amazing private clients, launching her styling consultancy & beginning to live the life that she’s dreamed of.
“Kelly’s methods are very powerful, and I am so blessed to have finally invested in myself, and put my trust in Kelly. I am now doing what I really really want to do, and is right for me now – and I’m so excited about it.
Aleksandra, just launched her own styling consultancy, The Style Whisperer

In this program you will:

✔ Uncover the truth of what you really want so that you can stop feeling like a fraud, living someone else’s dream.
✔ Find out how to truly LIVE that part of you that says, “I love the handbags and the shoes AND I don’t want to get up and go to this soulless job anymore.”
✔ Develop the confidence you need to squash the self-doubt that pulls you back in when you have that feeling of there’s something else you want
✔ Learn how to follow up on your dreams so that you can calculate risk and take the ones that are going to pay off, rather than risking nothing and going nowhere
✔ Craft a clear-cut path to the life you truly long for, that fills you up every single day


This is your life.

You are the only one you should be living it for.
That’s why this program was created.
Because you don’t need to work in a career or have success in a certain way because society tells you that you have to.
You do them for you.
Together, you and I will dig into your own innate wisdom and knowing to find out what are the things that really do set your soul on fire to do and live and BE more.
This is not a superficial program that will ask you to journal why you love the things you love and why you don’t have them.
When we dig, we’re going to go into a place where you have no choice but to face truths and act on them.

We’ll answer questions that will:

• Help you understand your true purpose so you can begin to feel that full-tilt awesome that your soul calls for
• Find each belief that tells you, you can’t have it all and rewire so it no longer allows you to stop short of your goals
• Destroy the thinking that has kept you going to that corporate office even when you knew it was killing your soul
• Destroy the self-doubt and people-pleasing actions that have kept you unhappy and unsatisfied in your own life
• Address where you allow people to enter and stake claim in your life who have less than your best at heart and who work to keep you right where is comfortable for them
• Ask you to look at your current lifestyle and see if it really matches your heart’s desires or not, so we can create a full and rich life from that space
And that’s just a small portion of what we’ll do in our 6 months together.

This program is the heart and soul of who you are.
Chanel, world-traveller, and lover of life.

J.C., Management board of retail company

“I started working with Kelly to feel more confident at work and we made great progress in that space. Over a period of a few months, I started to uncover that actually, I wanted more in life and I started to realise I didn’t have to stay in my corporate job just because that’s what I thought I ‘should’ do.

I’m now on a journey to set up my own business, I’ve started a coaching course and I’m building my skills in that space as well as learning how to set up my own business.

My plan will take the next 6 months to put in motion and I’m really excited to step into my new entrepreneurial life, designed around me & my desire to have complete freedom. Working with Kelly helped me really face my fears & I’m on a path now I would never have thought possible.”


Initiate The Divine Feminine Within, then live your best life. Period.

The Details

This is a 6 month 1:1 program where you and I work diligently to shatter beliefs, outdated ways of living, and glass ceilings.
We’ll meet weekly to help you connect and how to integrate and implement in your life, that shifts not just how you feel, but what you do as a result of that feel.
And when things get tough, I’ll be there in between sessions via Whatsapp, email, and phone, because changes like these take time and practice…so you will not be alone in this process as we create magic through inner work and practical steps to craft a plan for your new reality.
But this will not be just us talking, you’ll receive worksheets and downloads to help us carve out what you really want and how we can best create that over the course of our six months together. So…this is not a sister chit-chat, but that’s okay because I know you love challenges.

I’m Kelly Morgan

And I walk with women like you who know there’s more to this life than a fancy lifestyle, but who also know we do NOT have to give them up to have it.
After years of working with women in the 1:1 and retreat spaces of Ibiza, I can say that the one thing that we tend to ignore is that ONE question that we can’t ignore.
What do YOU want?
It’s everything. Yet, we’ve been taught leads you to living lives that make everyone else happy, except for us.

So when you and I work together, we’ll break down those thoughts and barriers that family, school, and society have imparted on us. The ones that have left us feeling lost and unhappy, even though we have lives that look, on paper, like fairy tales. Okay, a Boss’ fairy tale, but a fairy tale, nonetheless.
In spite of we’ve been raised to believe, the world is YOURS, ALL of it…not just the long hours and high accolades.

Rachel said…

“I learned so much but that pales in comparison to what I FELT. The liberation of deeply stuck emotions and generational patterns facilitated in fully stepping into my inner sacred woman, and that has been so empowering”

What the next six months with me will look like:


Part 1

Recognise, understand and connect to the 3 centres of feminine power

Part 2

Dialogue with the deepest creative part of you, the portal of life

Part 3

Learn how to harness specific healing light frequencies

Part 4

Clear distorted ancestral energy held within your DNA

Part 5

Heal the wounded masculine energy within you so that you are no longer carrying around his pain and feeling responsible for it

Part 6

Heal the wounded feminine energy within you so that you can connect again with your Sacred Feminine power

Part 7

Understand your sacred boundaries and learn to communicate them with grace

Part 8

Connect to the power of the mother within you for full-on self love and self worthiness

Part 9

Connect with the eternal mother to forever feel a safe and supported part of the whole universe

Part 10

Rid you of old conditioning that’s clouding what we need to know to know what you want
Clear out all limiting beliefs to release you from the thinking that you can’t have it all
Clear out negative emotions that pushes you away from your goal
Get grounded to get back to nature / rhythms / real you that speaks to your primal soul
Physical clutter and environment that clouds your inner monologue with false truths

step 2 - own your power

Learning how to set boundaries that others have consistently penetrated, without respect for what you want
Energy balance so you know what’s going on at all times inside your own head
Expand from inside out so you can craft the reality that you want from your soul
Inner connection and practice so you stay in touch with YOU at all times


Get to know what do you truly love and really want
Know when you are letting your life be run by other people’s point of view so you can take it back
What are your true values
Live by values so that your new reality is 100% on board with what you want
Your life purpose so that we can define what your next steps should be
Your true voice, spoken in a way that no one can quiet it, nor will they want to
Your innate power that allows you to work through it all, no matter what


Speak your truth with unabashed honesty, so that you attract the people you really want in your life
Express your life purpose in creative and fulfilling ways so you can enjoy every facet of your life
Create a plan to make it a reality that feels doable and excites you


Biz planning and set up together using coaching and resources on how to set up a biz and work it so that people you love come running to you
How to keep momentum, stay motivated, avoid procrastination, so that you are braced for everything that happens with new businesses
How to deal with mindset issues and energy as blocks come up (because they will)


Adjusting the plan, embodying the goal, know that you can do ANYTHING
Constant integration of lessons you’ve learned over the last 5+ months
It’s a journey and you will be ready for it all
Evolution – it doesn’t stop…EVER (but that’s the fun part!)
How to be brave in all of that stuff!



Dr Kim Jobst, MD

Clear, Focused, compassionate, insightful, creative and highly intelligent – all aspects of this remarkable woman.
Working with Kelly is a joy – the challenges bring fruitful consequences, the opportunities have always proved worthwhile. I pray that my work with Kelly will be lifelong.
Do not waste time looking elsewhere – if you wish for powerful and effective mentoring, coaching or training then you will be fortunate to find better than Kelly Morgan.



What’s included:

A weekly call

where you will be coached on what it is you really want, how to connect to your power and stop all self-doubt and build confidence plus how to actually construct that new WonderFULL life.


1 x deep dive intensive three-hour session

to get rid of all old emotional baggage and old limiting beliefs so that you feel clearer and more connected to what is true for you.


Full access to my support through WhatsApp, FB messenger or email

where we can deal with hot topics and check progress (I will be taking some weekends and some holidays off.)


Full access to the library of self-study programs

including F*ck off to fear, Making decisions you can trust and having the confidence you want. This includes hours of videos, meditations, audios and a collection of play sheets with every module, that will help you work with and integrate the content more deeply and have personal breakthroughs.


PLUS, access  to  the following Life-Changing Bonuses if you book by 1st September 2019:

1 x additional deep dive intensive three-hour session

to do actually create your wonderFULL Life plan so that you have absolute clarity on what we’re going to do.


Access to my Radiance group training program

which outlines the 8 steps I’ve taken to life my life with no regrets.






Your Life starts now.








£2,300 per month for 6 months or £12,000 upfront

No brainer guarantee: if after 1 month it’s not working out for either of us, I will give you 100% refund of the monies you’ve paid and you’ll be free of any contracts – yes, I only want to work with people who it’s working for and I have absolute confidence in this program as I’ve seen it works for others.

TO APPLY: Email now


£2.300 per month for 6 months or £12,000 upfront

No brainer guarantee: if after 1 month it’s not working out for either of us, I will give you 100% refund of the monies you’ve paid and you’ll be free of any contracts – yes, I only want to work with people who it’s working for and I have absolute confidence in this program as I’ve seen it works for others.

TO APPLY: Email now

Grazia, February 2014

The brainchild of Kelly Morgan …, you can experience the best of both worlds… their concept means to reset your coordinates, whether that’s physically, mentally, emotionally or a combination of all of the above.

The Times, February 2014

At 38 degrees north, you put yourself in the hands of professionals – kickboxers to masseuses who analyse every bit of you then send you away for a full overhaul on how to incorporate better living into everyday life.

I know you may be thinking about some of these, so here’s the frequently asked questions.

How is this work different to what else is out there?

This is a unique mix of activating your feminine power using deep shamanic practices to help you connect and awaken your power. Once this is done, you will then know without a doubt who you truly are and why you came here on planet earth. From there we build on removing all the conditioning and limiting beliefs that have kept you small and not owning your light and then we use a tailored process to help you find your life purpose and then actually create a concrete plan with steps to start living from your life purpose. It’s really a deep dive into your self and a changing of your physical reality to reflect this inner knowledge.

What is expected for me?

To show up, fully in how you are really, to go through the exercises, to work in-between our calls, to speak out fears so we can deal with them and to be YOU.

How am I going to feel afterwards?

You are going to be completely transformed, for the better, like a butterfly coming out of your chrysalis you will be flying. And in that flying you will be so deeply seated in you that you will fly with confidence and an immense love for yourself and the service that you will offer to the world.

You are going to fully own your sacred space and run your lives from that space, creating many miracles.

Why should I do this with Kelly?

Because Kelly has a unique way of combining deep spiritual work with practical steps so that you not only get those deep energetic shifts but you are able to take them into your actual life and make the differences you want to make.

Is it really worth it?

Are you really worth it, is that what you mean? The answer is, if you don’t feel worth investing in yourself, your happiness and your future then we need to speak. That unworthiness is what will keep you small, stop you from shining your light and keep you deep down resentful for how you life is turning out. You are unique, you are beautiful, you are loved by this universe.