Let's change the world | Kelly Morgan

I am honoured to be the English Ambassador of the New Human Rights for The Inner State.

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The New Human Rights are designed to empower each person on the planet to discover a deeper meaning to life. Because when people find their ‘raison d’être’ (life purpose), they go on to achieve optimal physical, mental, social and financial health. An optimal Inner State for themselves.

Therefore, The Inner State has declared access to one’s “raison d’être” (life purpose) as a RIGHT.

Up until now our existing ‘Human Rights’ are founded upon protection, and in some cases create dependence through assistance. However, they have not led to empowerment and autonomy of the people, and so have not enabled the blossoming of the full potential of the people and therefore, the nation.

Using these new Rights at the collective scale, births a global dynamic for the evolution and sustainability of our society.

The  8 ‘new rights’ are 8 new paradigms for each of us to cultivate – like 8 seeds – which gradually reveal the talent and the individual gifts of each person and over time, create a new world culture. 

Practically I share these Rights within my service for my clients. My aim is that by sharing these seeds with people I can help to awaken an inner dynamic in their hearts’ that creates not only a personal success for them but a Global Success. 

For more information please go to www.theinnerstate.global