Make decisions you can trust | Kelly Morgan

Make decisions you can TRUST.

Training to help you follow your heart, not your head.

You don’t know what it is that you really want to do next and your head’s spinning from one idea to the next. And none of the ideas feel inspiring.

You want something you can believe in.

You want to find your true voice, your path.

But the thing is, that when you are in your head, you have conflicting thoughts. As logically you work out the pros and cons of one thing and then the next thing and the next thing. But they all kinda balance themselves out. And so it goes on. You are none the wiser. And you are probably even more confused.

You see, when you just follow your head you are never completely sure if the decision is the right decision for you because you can always see both sides of any path.

However, when you make a decision from your heart, you just know it’s right for you.

You don’t need to justify it as it feels right inside. And when you make these heart decisions you have certainty, focus and love energy which just makes things flow beautifully for you.

Nothing else compares…

In this training series, I am not going to say forget your head and purely follow your heart (you can do that later when you fully trust yourself). I do see value using reason and logic to help you in your goals.

But I say, Heart first – then Head.

So in this training series I am going to give you:


Practical training on how to discern the difference between your heart and your head so that you can cut out the noise clutter and listen to your true heart’s desires. This way, you can make decisions you can TRUST.


A heart meditation to connect more deeply to your heart’s voice so that you can practice to listening to your heart and follow its guidance to make decisions you LOVE.


Playful activities that you can do in your daily life, taking no extra time, that help you make decisions from the heart. You will start to really connect more deeply to your heart and start having fun taking decisions from this new place in a light-hearted way.


How to tell the difference between your head’s voices and your heart’s voice.


I heart my heart diary where you can record your thoughts each day and start to record your heart’s desires – this will help you see the patterns and reveal to you your deeper desires which help you find & refine your life purpose.


How to take decisions from the heart and evaluate them through the head. This is the fun part where you take your heart’s desires and take it through a method to make sure that logically it also makes sense. This means you follow your desires whilst making a practical plan to make them a reality NOW.

This results in…

  • Your heart contains all your secret desires, your wishes & your dreams (the ones that your head said were silly).
  • By listening in you can start to really follow your passions, instead of following what you think you “should” do or what others say you “should” do.
  • If you just follow your head, you might be ok and even be a success but you will not be have that deep satisfying fulfilment. And this leads to dis-ease. Because your body is your amazing intelligence system that is telling you if something feels right for you – from your heart.
  • By leading from the heart, you can follow your true authentic voice of what you really really would love and then take it to the head to help you get there. Then when you get it, you will feel truly you, truly fulfilled, truly at peace.