Private Mentoring

Activate the divine feminine within and enjoy your success with ease & grace

Private Mentoring

I see you, you had to be responsible from a young age, you had to grow up quickly and it wasn’t always safe for you to be female. Sometimes it was downright hard and it felt too tough, too jarring on your sensibilities. So you toughened up – you wouldn’t need to rely anybody. And so your built a fortress so strong that no-one could get in, but then you realised you couldn’t get out.

Yes, you have success, but it’s come with grit, determination and hard work. You’re tired. You want more but you don’t want to give more, is there an easier way to receive you wonder?

You see these women that seem to have it all and they make it look easy, and fun! But secretly you’re scared it won’t work out for you. You’ve been through so much, you rarely get lucky breaks but what if…

What if…

You are free, really free of all the self doubt, anxiety and fear that stops you from moving forward

Your past no longer haunts you and so you are free to be whomever you wish

You feel good in your feminine energy – the part of you that is sensual, present and connected to all that is

You receive your success, with ease & grace which would mean all your wildest dreams come true

You unlock your natural abundance flow so that you become a magnet for your desires

You know that you know that you know what you want, what you really desire to bring into the world and you know that it’s all totally possible.

It is. When you activate your divine feminine energy within

You have an unstoppable power within you – that has been conditioned to be wrong, conditioned to be silenced and conditioned to conform.

And yet this power is the key, THE KEY to all your desires being received with ease & grace.


Your feminine power is the part of you that:

🔻Is connected to all that is – it’s the un-manifest potential – unlimited possibility and opportunity

🔻Feels and knows deeply – it’s the spark of your intuition, the one who knows what is perfect for you

🔻Is totally present – loves just being in the moment and enjoying life

🔻Receives – receives all your desires in abundance and with ease & grace

In my private mentoring programs I help you through a series of mentoring and shamanic journeying sessions to unlock their power within you so that:

🌹You uncover the truth of who you really are, what you desire and how to live that desire – so that you stop feeling empty inside and like you’re living someone else’s dream

🌹You live life as it’s truly meant to be lived – in total abundance, total joy, total magnificence

🌹You feel totally confident in moving towards your dreams, you can feel and see how it’s totally possible for you and you can’t wait to get out there and birth your divine work

🌹You release all of the past traumas and ghosts that have kept you locked into a pattern of hard work, hard grit and not receiving all that you desire

🌹You start enjoying relationships that are loving, nourishing and honouring – the perfect reflection of  your inner worthiness and self love


You are the only one you should be living it for.
That’s why this program was created.
Because you don’t need to have success in a certain way because society tells you that you have to.
You do them for you.
Together, you and I will dig into your own innate wisdom and knowing to find out what are the things that really do set your soul on fire to do and live and BE more.

This is not a superficial program that will ask you to journal why you love the things you love and why you don’t have them.

When we dig, we’re going to go into a place deep within you to reveal the truths and act on them. And I will be your loving guide and hand on the way using a mix of mentoring and deep shamanic journeys so that you embody all that you wish to be.

J.C., Management board of retail company

“Kelly really embodies the work that she teaches and manages to combine deep spirituality with a sense of realism which makes her so great to work with. 

Working more deeply on embracing my feminine energy and connection with Kelly has helped me recognise how much better life is when you let go of the constant doing and driving and trying to control outcomes that many of us have ingrained!

I now feel much more in alignment and this helped me to make my dream apartment materialise. I am also much more empowered to be myself and speak up for my needs and wants despite the ‘good girl’ conditioning.

I’m now on a journey to set up my own business. My plan will take the next 6 months to put in motion and I’m really excited to step into my new entrepreneurial life, designed around me & my desire to have complete freedom. Working with Kelly helped me really face my fears & I’m on a path now I would never have thought possible.”


The Details

This is a private mentoring program where you and I work diligently to clear out trauma, outdated ways of living and start embodying the divine feminine within.

We’ll meet weekly to embody the divine feminine, using a mix of deep shamanic journeys to upgrade your frequency and mentoring on how to integrate and implement the new frequency into your life,

And when things get tough, I’ll be there in between sessions via Whatsapp, email, and phone, because changes like these take time and practice…so you will not be alone in this process as we create magic through inner work and practical steps to craft a plan for your new reality.

But this will not be just us talking, you’ll receive worksheets and downloads to help us carve out what you really want and how we can best create that over the course of our time together.

You have a choice to either work with me over 3, 6 or 12 months. The longer we go the more deeper and more impactful the changes you’ll see in your life.

Kelly is sought out by women who are looking to feel confident, really find themselves and actually freaking enjoy life and their success ease & grace. She has helped hundreds of women who say “Every Woman Must Do This Work” repeated.

Why? Because she introduces them to the magic and power of their wombs – you know their is a mysterious energy that turns an egg into a foetus into a baby? That energy can be harnessed by every woman to use their power to birth their desires.

She guides them to connect and awaken their wombs using a magical mix of shamanic journeying and intuitive coaching. When women awaken their wombs they suddenly feel a sense of being really comfortable in their own skin, a deep knowing of who they are and what they want to birth into the world and they receive their desires with ease and grace – the feminine way.

Georgia said…

“My biggest takeaway from doing this work with Kelly has been to just trust in myself and trust in the process. As a woman I have the amazing gift of an innate power within me and a intuitive guide which is there whenever I need, Kelly was a great help in leading me to rediscover that and not be so afraid.

I have become more loving and accepting of myself I have depended my relationship with my partner, creating more intimacy which has been beautiful.

Since doing the program I have realised again that doing the inner work and helping others with their journey is where my true passion lies, this is what I want to be doing, and I feel less worried about doing that and more excited and reassured that this is right for me.”

Example of what six months with me will look like:


Part 1

Recognise, understand and connect to the 3 centres of feminine power so that you start to embody and feel your power within as a very real physical thing

Part 2

Dialogue with the deepest creative part of you, the portal of life – this is where you get to ignite and commune with your intuition – it becomes a fine tuned instrument so that you know that you know that you know – unmistakeable knowingness that shows up as raw power and inner confidence

Part 3

Learn how to harness specific healing light frequencies to release traumas, past hurts and pains – from womb grief, abandonment, neglect and abuse – all the darkness can be released into the light

Part 4

Clear distorted ancestral energy held within your DNA so that you are no longer carrying the burdens of those that came before you

Part 5

Heal the wounded masculine energy within you so that you are no longer carrying around his pain and feeling responsible for it and you can invite in the divine masculine

Part 6

Heal the wounded feminine energy within you so that you can connect again with your Sacred Feminine power & show up in your light 

Part 7

Understand your sacred boundaries and learn to communicate them with grace so that you stop over-giving and feeling like a trash can for others

Part 8

Connect to the power of the mother within you for full-on self love and self worthiness

Part 9

Connect with your inner wise woman – the one who knows all, sees all and feels all and contains your deepest wisdom, spiritual gifts and guidance for life

STEP 2 - own your power

Learn how to radiate your light out into the world without fear of shining too brightly, making others too small or being persecuted. 


Find your true voice – spoken in a way that no one can quiet, nor will they want to. This is your expressing your unique power and voice, no matter what.


Birth your divine work, receive more spiritual gifts and enjoy your new creations for the world.



How to keep momentum, stay motivated, avoid procrastination, so that you are braced for everything that happens when you begin your new life.
We’ll work on energy as blocks come up (because they will)


Adjusting the plan, embodying the goal, know that you can do ANYTHING
Evolution – it doesn’t stop…EVER (but that’s the fun part!)
How to be brave in all of that stuff!



Ali said…

“I have learnt so much from this it’s hard to put into words. It’s more of a feeling. Of being more in tune with me. I feel like I can trust myself and listen in a new way. Clearing has left me the space to create from deep inside the things I really dream of.

I have seen some incredible projects really come to fruition. My dream home I thought was 10 years ago happened within 3 months of doing this work. This is for Every Woman. Although I was very interested in the power of the womb, I had no idea how much I needed to start this work! How much I hold that isn’t serving, and how much needs released. Thank you so much Kelly. I cannot wait to listen again to meditations and keep discovering my real goddess – I know her now :)”


3 months: £4,500 or £1,600 per month

6 months: £8,500 or £1,500 per month

12 months: £18,000 or £1,500 per month (bonus of 2 VIP Intensive Day included)


3 months: £4,500 or £1,600 per month

6 months: £8,500 or £1,500 per month

12 months: £18,000 or £1,500 per month (bonus of 2 VIP Intensive Day included)

I know you may be thinking about some of these, so here’s the frequently asked questions.

How is this work different to what else is out there?

This is a unique mix of activating your feminine power using deep shamanic practices to help you connect and awaken your power. Once this is done, you will then know without a doubt who you truly are and why you came here on planet earth. From there we build on removing all the conditioning and limiting beliefs that have kept you small and not owning your light and then we use a tailored process to help you find your life purpose and then actually create a concrete plan with steps to start living from your life purpose. It’s really a deep dive into your self and a changing of your physical reality to reflect this inner knowledge.

What is expected for me?

To show up, fully in how you are really, to go through the exercises, to work in-between our calls, to speak out fears so we can deal with them and to be YOU.

How am I going to feel afterwards?

You are going to be completely transformed, for the better, like a butterfly coming out of your chrysalis you will be flying. And in that flying you will be so deeply seated in you that you will fly with confidence and an immense love for yourself and the service that you will offer to the world.

You are going to fully own your sacred space and run your lives from that space, creating many miracles.

Why should I do this with Kelly?

Because Kelly has a unique way of combining deep spiritual work with practical steps so that you not only get those deep energetic shifts but you are able to take them into your actual life and make the differences you want to make.

Is it really worth it?

Are you really worth it, is that what you mean? The answer is, if you don’t feel worth investing in yourself, your happiness and your future then we need to speak. That unworthiness is what will keep you small, stop you from shining your light and keep you deep down resentful for how you life is turning out. You are unique, you are beautiful, you are loved by this universe.