Join the self-study program today for £497.


Join the self-study program today for £497.

The weight is now lifted off your soul.
And your radiance is absolutely blinding.
Your dream life is right here.

The life you’ve found every excuse not to fully follow, flows forward, effortlessly. Easily.

And the excuses that once served you? All gone.

All. Gone.

No more thinking or feeling like you’re not good enough, like the ideas you have aren’t unique enough, like the business that you put yourself into every day isn’t doing it for you.

Every. Limiting. Negative. Pattern. Dismantled and burned, right in front of you.

Thanks to Radiance. The 8-week self-study program unlocks so much more than your excuses. It unlocks the life your high-powered self thrives for so you can say YES to living your dream life!

Welcome to the self-study program that will empower you to:

  • Find the life purpose that’s always eluded you

  • Start the business you’ve always known you should start

  • Pivot out of the career that you are in because it no longer serves them and into a new one that fulfils way more than your bank balance

  • Let go of the old patterns that are keeping you “safe” and allows you to create a new belief system that serves their souls

  • Push forward with an unrequited passion for their goals and makes absolutely all of it feel good

  • Step out of the mindsets that work against their goals

If you’ve heard a hint of a nagging in your heart, that’s made the work you do or the relationships you have feel “off” or horribly unfulfilling? Then you’ve heard yourself asking for something more than what you’re currently giving.

If you’ve heard yourself say to you, but you can’t…

Or why would you?

Or this is a ridiculous idea, who would listen to you…

Then you’ve heard the negative thinking that keeps you from playing at your highest levels. The thoughts that keep you running on the hamster wheel, never getting anywhere.

As Melanie Schubert said…

As Melanie 
Schubert said…

“I participated in Kelly’s radiance program at the beginning of this year. Kelly introduced us to the eight seeds to follow in order to find your inspiration and live your life of purpose. To listen to and follow your heart, which will eventually heal your body and your soul.

Kelly is a great mentor. I love her energy and how she makes it out of the question that following your heart is the way to go in your life. How she intently listens to you and becomes your biggest supporter.

The program made me understand my path and vision more clearly. I would definitely recommend working with Kelly in order to step into your souls calling – both from a spiritual and practical aspect.”

We were not put on this earth to merely muddle through & living only for the weekends. We are here to thrive!

And I’m not telling you something you don’t know.

What I am telling you is that I help women like you every day to overcome the feelings of insecurity, unhappiness and moods that keep them under their blanket forts and wishing for a chocolate lava cake delivery service instead of working on their dream career & life!

Not because I’m magic or I have some simple solution, but because I’ve done this work for years and by walking with women into their new lives and their new perspectives, I understand what you long for.

By taking this program, you will get instant access to the 8 seeds of life that will change your life. Forever.

During the FIND YOUR LIFE PURPOSE SELF-STUDY program, you will:

▾ Uncover what it is that you would really love, in each area of your life, so that you can create a life with no regrets

▾ Release and reset past events that have and do contribute to your current lack of motivation and drive…and radiance

▾ Find out what it is you were put on this planet to do resulting in the glow emanating from your soul

▾ Develop a self-care practice that upholds that life that we create so you maintain your inner radiance that shines out

▾ Conquer the fears that tell you that you are going to fail so you rise above the emotions and use them to power you upward to a new state of being

Alison Masson

“I really enjoyed being part of the Radiance group programme with Kelly. 

In each session, Kelly used the seeds to give me the tools and knowledge I needed on my journey to find my TRUE life purpose. 

Not the one that anyone else or society might impose on me. One of my profound realisations, was recognising the signs I had been ignoring that I’d been on the wrong path for many years (there were many!). 

With this knowledge, I’ll never end up as unhappy as I had been before.

Truly life changing. 

With Kelly’s help, I have plan in place to get to my dream life and I can’t thank her enough. 

She is very special having the support of Kelly, but also the group really is invaluable, and I can’t wait to see where my next chapter takes me!”

Radiance program is based on a proven set of New Human Rights that are designed to precisely to dissolve the interference between the state you’re in and the state of your dreams.

Hundreds of people have been through this course and have walked out of it with a life they never imagined cultivating on their own.


What women have been able to accomplish with this program:

Rewired what felt like inherent negative self-talk that prevented them from creating careers and families that felt like home to them

Shattered the ceiling they’d been living under allowing them to create that powerful business they’d been trying to create, effortlessly, making them thousands of dollars in the process

Created the lives and businesses they’ve known they were capable of from the beginning but couldn’t let themselves believe
Creating the YOU through the beliefs you once had in place before you were told “no” or “why would you do that”, before you were made to believe the thoughts that you aren’t good enough.

Emmanuelle Passes, Therapist, Spain

What can I say! With the help of Kelly through the teachings of the 8 seeds I reconnected to a deeper layer of my « inner state » my inner knowing.
I realised what was most important for me and what I needed to let go of to get back on track to fulfil my soul purpose here on earth. This workshop helped me remember what brings me joy and what steps I need to take to stay on the path so as to fully live my passion and be my authentic shining self!

How Radiance will support you to create your dream life:

Module 1: How to create your life with no regrets

Module 2: How to adjust your life path

Module 3: How to access your personal radiance

Module 4: Create your global success

Module 5: Find your life purpose and graduate from your university of life

Module 6: How to incarnate your life purpose and actually life your life with no regrets

Module 7: How to be inspired, every day

Module 8: Cultivate the reality that you love

When you book your Radiance program, you’ll receive weekly training videos to support you to dig into what it is you’d really love, find out what’s holding you back, dissolve all those limiting patterns and go for a life worth jumping out of bed for, every single morning.

Once the 8 weeks are over, you walk away with a new sense of who you are, with a belief system so strong, you can’t be broken.

What you will receive:

  • 8 x 1-hour video training sessions where I’ll walk you through the steps to finding your life purpose and living a life with no regrets. (Value: £800)
  • 8x workbooks to accompany your video training sessions so you can work on the steps you to take to implement all that you have learned
  • Access to a private Facebook group where I will be on-hand to support you

It all starts with you. With who you truly want to become. This is your chance to transform everything you have into everything you’ve wanted.

As a high-power woman, I know that you are ready for this, that you are ready to become who you are capable of becoming.


John, Engineer, UK said…

“I attended the workshop in October 2018 and it was so amazing as I felt really stuck in my life, I wasn’t happy at work and my living situation was difficult after separating from my wife. During the workshop I realised that a dream I had was to get a house by the beach and I promised myself to do it in 6 months, 2 months later I realised that dream! I’m so grateful.”

Own your Radiance.

Shift the results you’ve been getting to match the dreams you’ve been having.

The investment for this self-study program is £497

Own your Radiance.

Shift the results you’ve been getting to match the dreams you’ve been having.

The investment for this self-study
program is £297




How do you know if this is right for you?

Radiance is right for you if you are ready to finally stop self-doubt get in your way and you want to break free from your pattern of being stuck.
Maybe you don’t know exactly what it is you would love right now or how to possibly make it a reality – don’t worry as this program will help you do EXACTLY that.
You want to find your life purpose and you know this is somehow important as you’ve tried the corporate job and it just isn’t for you.
This isn’t for you if you’re into over-analysing and going around in your head. This program is for those who want to live more from their hearts and trust that things will work out for them if they put themselves and their wishes first. Again this program will help you create the powerful practices to trust more.

What are the specific outcomes you can expect?

Getting crystal-clear clarity on what you want – giving yourself full permission to stop living for others, trying to fit into a mould that just isn’t for you – you are going to be finally liberated to live life for YOU!

Finding your life purpose! There is a magical process within this course that helps you do find the perfect expression of your life purpose – past participants have had tears of gratitude, ah-ha moments and a real heart opening experience doing this. Suddenly your whole life makes sense, all the good and the bad stuff was there to help you grow to understand this.

Creating a very specific plan to get out of hell – because I love not just the inner work but also the practical realities you will finish with a specific plan that’s going to help you make your new dream life a reality.

How do you know it works?

This works my love, if you are willing to put your fears and doubts aside for once and step into you. How far have your fears got you so far? Maybe they protected you but in a bid to keep you safe they can keep you stuck too.
This program is so rich with insights that will strike you right in the heart so you know them as truth, plus very practical tools and exercises so you can implement changes into your life now.
PLUS you have me on hand in a private fb group and in 2 additional bonus coaching sessions to help you burst through any blocks.
So it works if you turn up and do the exercises. I guarantee it. And if you’re not totally satisfied after the first two sessions? I’ll give you your money back.

I can just find life purpose and do my plan alone - it’s not rocket science so why pay?

I’m sure you’ve tried this already and you haven’t gotten very far so that’s why you are here. Believe me, in 2009 I went travelling around the world for 9 months to find myself, I had a GREAT time. But I was none the wiser, it was only when I worked with someone who knew how to ask me the right questions that I found my life purpose. And that’s just what this course includes – magical questions you’ve never thought to ask yourself before to get the answers that ring true in your heart.
PLUS you will be in a group of like-minded people that are trying to do the same as you – that don’t run the to the beat of the corporate drum – that is so nice to finally find your tribe and to be accountable together so you get this done this time.

It isn’t the right time?

The timing to change your life is never going to be perfect. Look at how much you’ve delayed living your dream life already. How will you feel if you do nothing and 5 years goes by?

It’s the same with having a baby – it’s never perfect timing but your life somehow adapts beautifully with it. Indeed, I worked with a new-mum recently who was on maternity leave and couldn’t face going back to the office. She didn’t have the time, that’s for sure but she made the time – and it was amazing for her as finally she started to actually get excited about life again with her new little family. We found her life purpose and helped her create a plan to make it possible – she’s now not going back to work and instead has a viable option to work from home around taking care of baby – when she’s ready.