Activate Your Sexual Power

For more men, money and miracles

You have a power within you that creates miracles – and can also be harnessed to birth ALL of your desires. Whether your desire is to

💦 Have more attention from men, whether it’s your partner or on the dating scene or

💦 More money to spend & invest like the Goddess that you are…

💦 Start creating the many miracles you dream of… the high vibe successful business, the amazing home, the luxury experiences

Your Sexual Power is the life force that magnetises all of these things into reality

And yet you’ve been cut off from it – it’s been repressed in women! A sexually liberated woman is demonised and shamed.

The thing is, if you had this power Fully Turned On? You’d be creating miracles every damn day.


It’s time to reconnect and activate this power – to enjoy your luscious juicy nature and  to let the springs flow forth so that all the energy of the Universe can flow through you!









Sexual Power

Pay ONLY £444.00

if you join by the 5th November, afterwards it goes up to £444

Activate Your Sexual Power is for you if:

– You feel blocked in attracting abundance into your life – abundance of love, wealth and some dreams

– You want to build your self-love, self-honour and reconnect to the Sacredness of Self

– You are feel drawn to explore your feminine energy in your work as a healer or coach, or perhaps have some kind remembering of being a sexual priestess

– You feel ashamed of your sexual past, perhaps you’ve been promiscuous or given your love away too freely or you’ve had unloving sexual experiences

– Your libido is dried up, you find it hard to connect to your desires because you’ve been heart broken in the past

Now, if you don’t activate and harness this energy, you are missing out on:

– Good sexual intimacy that comes from bringing deep awareness into the very areas of your body you’ve shamed

– Feeling delicious in your body, alive and vibrant, excited about life and all your possibilities

– Magnetising your desires to you – where you feel like an overflowing Goddess of Love which is Super Attractive to all you desire – whether it’s men, money or miracles!


Sounds yummy right?

As Angelica said…

“Since working with Kelly, I have attracted new relationships and financial opportunities that are much more in alignment with what I truly desire. If I had never done this divine feminine activation, I feel it could have taken me years or even decades to get past what was holding me up.”


This is how we’ll do it:

Call 1: Cleanse & release - Release Shame, forgive yourself for your sexual past and heal any sexual trauma or unloving sexual experiences

Call 2: Awaken your divine sexual power - Restore the connection to your divine sexual energy, activate that pure Lilith power and feel this energy running vibrantly through your body

Call 3: Magnetising miracles - How to build your sexual energy and channel it and how to enjoy more of everything as the Love Goddess that you are


I somehow opened up to one long time friend.. I never saw him as a partner and all of the sudden energy changed.

Now he is treating me like a queen I never experienced this before. I was crying of joy for three days.

We are getting triggered of course but we communicate. This is first time for me. Before I was toxic as hell .. So .. this is my personal experience. Beyond expectations.

Also when I am back in my old way of thinking fears and dramas with your help I practice switching the energy to the feminine and womb space. Sooo. Thank you lots.”



Sexual Power


if you join by the 5th November, afterwards it goes up to £444

What’s unique about this program?

* These are mystery school teachings, that used to be saved for only the few  – my deep prayer is to help liberate all this energy we have freely available within us, to detach from old patriarchal systems and restore the Goddess to her rightful place

* This is embodied practice, not mindset or things to do – we work with your energy through shamanic practices so that you become the frequency of a Love Goddess so you will feel amazing, vibrant, juicy and super hot!

* Kelly is an “elder” – wisdom keeper, holder of the feminine flame, she embodies this frequency fully so she is able to guide you through the past hurts and trauma to help you Remember the Love Goddess you Are


Not Activating Your Feminine Power can mean:

You dry up – your Libido can go down – which means your lust for life is down! Your Drive for ambition & Drive for Dreams stops – because you feel let down by past “failings”

You fragment yourself – The wise woman is Whole – she loves all parts of herself. The reality for most women is that we’ve segmented ourselves. Our sexual energy is for behind closed doors only – we even judge and shame other liberated women. This is rejection of self and our womanhood.

You are not using this energy for what it’s meant to be for – bringing life into ALL Things and so Unconsciously you are channeling it elsewhere. Often we are unknowingly giving it away to our partners, our friends, our clients, our business which can lead us to feel very empty and depleted.


So then, are you ready to Activate Your Divine Sexual Power for more men, money and miracles?

The details & investment

Three calls over 3 weeks

On the Day Of the Goddess – Friday 12th November, Friday 19th November & Friday 26th November

  • 6pm Central European Time
  • 12pm Eastern Time
  • 9am Pacific Time

All recordings and pdf guidebooks for life plus a Private fb support group

Calls will also be recorded if you can’t make it live!