Success, The Feminine Way

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Make your life easier, have more fun & enjoy your success by doing LESS, differently

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Let’s be honest for a moment shall we? You don’t fully enjoy your life right now. You get off on the rush of being busy and you are important but how you feel is uP & Down.

You long for a moment of calm, more playtime in your life and you still want more more more of everything – clients, business, money, intimacy. Because, why not?

The thing is you are sick of pushing and making things work all the time. You are an amazing fire fighter and you seem to keep having to put out fires 🤔🔥

Where’s the ease, the fun & the lightness in that?

Let me introduce you to a way of being that allows you to have more fun, makes life a whole lot easier and a way where you actually enjoying your freaking success, instead of telling yourself you should have done more, been better or focusing straight away on the next goal.

Welcome to Success, The Feminine Way.

Let go all the stuff that holds you in a pattern of doing too much and worrying all the time

Make new choices & take new actions that are aligned with ease, fun & success

Learn how to use feminine energy to allow your success to come to you, and enjoy them!

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I’m Kelly, and I’m here to help you birth your divine work and enjoy success with ease and grace – the feminine way!

As a woman who always tried to fit the mould and do well in life, I followed the trusted career path in banking. I had lots of success and yet I just felt empty inside. 

I found myself forgoing my desires, intuition and wishes in favour of being accepted, approved and fitting in.

One day in 2011 I said “enough” and I quit my banking job, retrained in fitness, nutrition and coaching to set up a retreat company in Ibiza, after lots of hard work it paid off and became one of Europe’s top retreat brands. But I still wasn’t happy. I was completely burnt out.

Trying to keep up with the masculine world of doing, achieving and actioning left me feeling empty, completely disconnected and questioning who I was as a Woman?

This lead me down a path of reawakening my feminine power, in a big way. Now I life in harmony with who I am, with nature and the universe. As a fully certified coach, sacred womb awakener, Neural-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy practitioner, I enjoy my intuition and feminine flow and I help countless other women get into their natural state of grace and ease – which helps all their desires to flow to them effortlessly.

“Kelly’s divinely gentle and powerful presence has helped me move towards more cleansing, more clarity of what truly matters and more honouring of my sacred soul and body.”

–  Isabelle

“She guides you through the woo woo, and makes it grounded and tangible, whether you’re ‘spiritual’ or not.”

– Aleksandra


– Carolina

"It was relaxing and it was very nice to take this time for myself and to realize again that I am a w-o-m-a-n (and how great it is to be so!)."

– Daniela

Ready to enjoy your success with ease and grace?

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